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My all time favourite jeans have died - can they be resurrected?

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HalfFrench Thu 18-Jun-09 10:37:35

My lovely, much worn, pencil cut gap jeans have finally died and gone to a place where no amount of patching will bring them back to life sad.

Only problem is, I don't have the time, energy or willpower to go round numerous shops to find a worthy successor....soooo...bit of a long shot (I am desperate woman that lives in her jeans) does anyone know of a service that will reproduce much loved jeans for you? And before you ask I have called gap to ask whether or not they will be redoing to style and was told 'probably not'.

RatherBe Thu 18-Jun-09 17:34:14

I'm afraid I don't know of such a service - but have you considered trying to buy secondhand? I know that not everyone is happy with secondhand clothes, but perhaps it could be an option, depending on how you feel.

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