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Desperately seeking shiny new shoes (flat red ones, to be precise)

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notgettingmuchdone Wed 17-Jun-09 22:53:07

I've been looking for flat, bright red, patent leather pumps for bloody weeks and can find NOTHING although have spotted some people wearing my current must-have, and wasn't able to ask them and now *really need some* so please please please wonderful MNers if you have seen such wonderous shoes tell me where!!!

nancy75 Wed 17-Jun-09 23:01:26

not patent but a bit shiny looking

Fimbo Wed 17-Jun-09 23:05:27

New Look

nancy75 Wed 17-Jun-09 23:07:01

nice but{{ £££]]

nancy75 Wed 17-Jun-09 23:07:35

dont know what happened there! pricey

Fimbo Wed 17-Jun-09 23:08:09

These probably look better in rl

angrypixie Wed 17-Jun-09 23:08:27

Oh, I love red shoes; in defiance of my mother who constantly spouted 'red shoes no knickers' and refused to let me have any grin

Bought 2 fab pairs this week from Office & M&S, give me 5 I'll go search for a link.

nancy75 Wed 17-Jun-09 23:09:24


angrypixie Wed 17-Jun-09 23:11:59

M&S style 1

MarthaFarquhar Wed 17-Jun-09 23:13:55

asda had some fab red patent pumps today, though sadly not my size angry.

wobbegong Wed 17-Jun-09 23:16:11

definitely M&S- they had several different types when I went in

angrypixie Wed 17-Jun-09 23:19:04


angrypixie Wed 17-Jun-09 23:20:02

I know my M&S ones aren't completely flat - but they are divine on!

notgettingmuchdone Wed 17-Jun-09 23:21:27

oooo those first m&s ones might be just the job, nancy75. was about the only shop i didn't go in to today. did go in to clarks blush who had just the shoe but only in white and grey. See they have to be really shiny....

angrypixie Wed 17-Jun-09 23:21:35

sensible clarks

I am on a mission - can you tell grin

notgettingmuchdone Wed 17-Jun-09 23:23:52

angrypixie have you seen the next ones in RL? they look a bit pink on the site but are otherwise perfect - no bows, leather, and cheap - muchos credit to you finding just the thing smile

angrypixie Wed 17-Jun-09 23:24:47

re 'snakeskin' anyone

notgettingmuchdone Wed 17-Jun-09 23:26:05

i picked those up today!! they were with the 'comfort' section shock i must be getting old, everyone else today seemed to be trying on the porn-type platforms with stilleto heels that are everywhere........i'm short but like to be fast and comfy on my feet these days grin

angrypixie Wed 17-Jun-09 23:26:31

No, they didn't have them in the shop when I went in so I haven't seen the shade. sad

Office had some great ones but not completely flat

nancy75 Wed 17-Jun-09 23:26:42

french sole have that type of snakeskin, and despite them not ever going with anything i am strangely drawn to them! i too have a red shoe fetish, that could be it grin

notgettingmuchdone Wed 17-Jun-09 23:30:39

those red snakeskin are a bit............ well, i can't quite decide grin

red shoes and dark jeans are my new favourite outfit and i don't even have the shoes yet....i do have some red wedges from a couple of years back but they hurt my feet so much i can't even wear them sitting down sad and anyway they are not shiny

jambutty Wed 17-Jun-09 23:34:03


jambutty Wed 17-Jun-09 23:37:16

or these?

jambutty Wed 17-Jun-09 23:40:01

or these?

jambutty Wed 17-Jun-09 23:40:25

or these?

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