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Anyone had their teeth laser whitened?

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blondissimo Wed 17-Jun-09 19:36:07

My lovely dp is buying me this for my 30th, and as I did not want anything nasty to happen to my teeth, I decided I wanted it done at the Welbeck Clinic as it is allegedly the centre of excellence for dentistryhmm.
Anyway, I enquired about the price and it is £695. I am quite happy --for dp-- to pay that, (in all honesty he issmile), if it is going to be done well. The only query I have is that I have seen some places advertising laser whitening for £99!
So my question really is, who of you out there has had this done and if you are happy with the result, where did you go and how much did you pay?
I definitely want the laser, as opposed to the bleaching trays you do at home, as I have had this before and I kept forgetting to do itgrin!
It needs to be London or the South East.

kylesmybaby Wed 17-Jun-09 21:59:45

i looked into this and think once you have it done you need to continue with it regularly. as they show the stains more. IYSWIM.

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