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Suddenly greasy hair. Yuck. What can I do about it?

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TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Wed 17-Jun-09 08:42:53

I've always washed my hair every other day, but just lately, it's started to look greasy after 24 hours. Yesterday I washed it in the morning and it was revolting by the evening!

Not on any medication, and not aware of any hormonal reasons.

I haven't got time to wash my hair twice a day! What can I do?

RamblingRosa Wed 17-Jun-09 10:11:15

Dry shampoo is good. I've got a Lee Stafford one from Boots.
Are you sure there are no hormonal reasons? Are you preg or breastfeeding? I've noticed my hair gets greasier just before my period.

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Wed 17-Jun-09 19:17:58

Thanks RR

Definitely not pg

Any other suggestions?

ceb80 Wed 17-Jun-09 21:23:00

I have this problem too,dry shampoo staves it off for a few hours but then its back to looking like a chip pan!

MrsMcCluskey Wed 17-Jun-09 21:24:17

I find the warmer weather makes my hair greasier

mumtoted Wed 17-Jun-09 21:29:24

Change your shampoo. Avoid 2in1 shampoo/conditioners.
Go for one that is clear/opaque. avoid the thick white creamy ones as they leave lots of residue in the hair.

LastOrders Wed 17-Jun-09 21:32:10

Lush Rehab shampoo saved my scalp from descending into oil slick hell...

Give it a go!

I also stopped using conditioner for a while, or only put it on the very ends.

And dry shampoo is good for a days grace.

MrsMcCluskey Wed 17-Jun-09 21:37:16

I use Batiste dry shampoo
They have jusr started doing a handbag size can too for touch ups!

smurfgirl Wed 17-Jun-09 21:44:17

I had this problem a few years ago.

I started washing it with a teeny weeny amount of pantene calrifying shampoo. It took a while for it to get back to normal but it did. I still washed it every day and I tried not to fiddle with it.

Its interesting what RamblingRosa says though because looking back my extreme greasyness co-incided with a chemical pregnancy.

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