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I need an airport bag.

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ThePhantomPlopper Tue 16-Jun-09 17:43:50

Every time I go away I end up routing through a big bag for passports, tickets, money etc and it's bloody annoying.

I need a bag with compartments, not too big and preferably an across the shoulder one. I wanted the brown one on the White Stuff website but by the time I got around to ordering it, it had been taken off sale for some reason.

Anyone seen any nice ones around?

hoxtonchick Tue 16-Jun-09 19:09:44

you need a travel wallet. i have one like this but a nicer colour. super useful.

ThePhantomPlopper Tue 16-Jun-09 19:36:18

Oh yes that would be good.

Off to google.

inscotland Tue 16-Jun-09 21:21:11

I like that hoxton but can't find one!

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