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Any birkenstock experts around..quickly..? Advice for toddlers/kids

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shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 13:51:53

Looking to buy a pair for ds (2 yrs size 6) and dd (4 yrs and size 8)...

How comfy are they..? Do you treat them the same as "crocs" in that genuine are the way forward and copies rub etc..?

Just I know dd has had copies of birkenstocks from mothercare etc and they rubbed where the strap goes over her foot.Is this the case with bs or is the material better iykwim..

also,what about ds. BS say they don't recommend for kids under 3..why..?

AND lASTLY...Do I opt for a narrow fit for both dk's..? both measure approx f fitting...

Was going to buy replicas from Next but nothing in stock and needed for a wedding next week...

suwoo Tue 16-Jun-09 14:00:10

Shame about those Next ones Shhh, there was only one pair left in my Next. My DD had them from age 4 and had no problems with them, she had the Roma IIRC, with the strap across the toes. They do say not to use them on kids under 3, but I don't know why. Costco often have them in, in kids sizes. Your DS will look gorgeous in the 'real' Birkies, they are much nicer than those Next ones, they were just a bit too expensive to justify. Have you looked at Ebay?

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:12:29

Hi suwoo..grin.
I got sorted today btw ! Well impressed..ended up in next blush and bizareely found somthing for him I liked.!
Will try and link the items..they didn't have the sandals in small sizes and I have ordered a pair of navy for ds and pink for dd online BUT quoting me up to 2 weeks del...may be sooner but no doubt will be later..

so having a contingency plan! I know its excessive the cost of BS but have found a "cheaper" website that my sister has used in the past and coming out at about £30 each delivered...given what dh wanted to buy/spend on them its nothing..!

Just wanted to check sizing as but worried I order, get them and they are to big/small/wide/narrow...

Oh the joys of parenting!

Yeah, I think he will be v cute in birkies, thats what I keep telling dh..grin. Although im sure dh isn't convinced. I just think its more comfy for him..what is it with men and sweaty trainers/shoes...even on hols dh is reluctant to air his feet..hmm

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:15:33

suwoo...this shirt with these shorts in navy. smile

Dh tends to wear thomas pink shirts and the shirt is very TP so think it will suit dh's taste..although that said, dh never complains about what I dress ds in. We tend to agree and have same taste..

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:17:49

<sigh> just noticed that the company I am looing to use quote 4-7 days del...hmm..may be cutting it fine..?

any ideas of local berkies sellers..?

suwoo Tue 16-Jun-09 14:20:31

Yes, I like that outfit. I like DS in pink too. They are the shorts that we have actually, not the other brown ones I linked to last night.

Let me know how he gets on with the birkies. I wonder if we're going to the same wedding? wink

Fimbo Tue 16-Jun-09 14:22:24

John Lewis sell children's birkies if that is any good.

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:25:22

Ah, at least I have managed to put somthing decent together for ds..honestly I do struggle.sad.

I love him in pink, dh wears pink so why not. Thought I would get a few hmm when out with him but guess people daren't confront me grin. Both dh and ds suit the colour so why not wear it.?!

Ah right, I didn't realise today but looks like the shorts are in a variety of colours and they are quite smart and nice given their price!

I will let you know how I get on...hmm..thinking of getting dd from preschool and going in search of some..(thats my prob, when I see something or need somthing sorting I have to do it..hmm)

Yeah, could you imagine if we are at the same wedding..! ours is a sunday btw wink

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:26:07

Oh..John to check my local store. Thanks fimbo. Any help with sizing..? You ever bought them..?

Fimbo Tue 16-Jun-09 14:27:45

Only adults and had to size down. Not a clue about children sorry. Hope you get them. I think they can be ordered in for collection at your local store if they don't have them.

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:29:55

thanks fimbo. just calling them now. smile x

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Tue 16-Jun-09 14:34:06

I have bought Birkies for my DCs for the last 4 summers and they are fab . I always buy their actual size rather than sizing down - but then my kids have wide-ish feet.

BTW, if they work for your kids feet, always check out the sales at the end of the summer or John Lewis stock at the beginning of Spring (when they sell off the remainder of last year's sandals). I bought DS2 a lovely pair of Roma's in navy for just £11.50. Sadly they didn't have DS1's size .

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:39:36

Thanks for the reply and tip

£11.50 shock Thats what im after for ds..! A local jl has them in stock but awaiting a callback from more local ready and waiting to dash out lol!

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:40:22

Im a bit I get dd birkies or similar style lelli kellies..? hmm.

Fimbo Tue 16-Jun-09 14:41:13

Oh LK's are hideous imo. Birkies far nicer.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Tue 16-Jun-09 14:44:29

I don't have DDs but I have to say, if I did, I would hate having to part with my hard-earned for those LK shoes. Bleurgh! Birkies are far cuter

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:47:42

JL. have them in for ds so think I will head off there now to get him sorted.

They said style is called daf original but can't find it on google..hmm....guess it sounds like what Im after though, strap over top and around back.

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 14:48:41

lol at lk comments ! grin. Dd loves them...blush.

suwoo Tue 16-Jun-09 15:07:14

My wedding is next Saturday. Shame, we could have compared DS's outfits. Did you come to the Mcr meetup at Christmas Shhh?

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 20:38:16

Awww..I was half hoping it was the same wedding smile....

No I didn't do the meetup, christmas wasn't too good a time in the shhhh household with ds being quite ill from visits/stays even a trip into hospital on our days lapland visit sad.
Im also quite shy blush well..not shy as such but wouldn't how to go about a meetup. Meeting people in RL shock.
Just looking at your profile, are you local to me..? And pregnant with baby 3 grin Wow, far..?

Dh & I would love more....we will have more...wink.

Well...........I ended up at the tc tonight,jl has birkies but only a white in 24 which they advised me was a 7...I thought the 24 was a 6 (although I think im confussing myself now..) anyway it was way to big. Tried on some clarks sandals but not keen. So off to clinkards, no birkies but dd in love with lk so she is sorted. to Jones', birkies but smallest size was same as jl but brown as well hmm by now Im desperate so thought maybe just their 24 may fit hmm. Doh..!

Anyway, a no go. So............over to next and I have finally managed to get a pair of the ones similar to you suwoo in blue. I have gone for a size 6 as the size 7 (they had in brown..) was maybe big..? Oh I don't know.........I never knew boys shoe shopping could be so depressing sad.

Im off to my local next tomorrow to get the reserved pair which no doubt won't fit right.hmm

Suwoo, does your ds have narrow feet..? how do the next ones fit.?

Im half tempted to also order the birkies online as apparently they do smaller sizes online just not in the hope they come before next wkd..hmm.

suwoo Tue 16-Jun-09 20:56:38

I'm in Whitefield, Manchester. We'll have to meet up at the Trafford Centre wink. The Christmas meetup was good, maybe this year?

DS is a 6.5F in Clarks, but I find the Next shoes always come up small. He loved them in the shop, but when he tried them on again at home, he moaned they were hurting hmm. He loves his crocs, thats why. I went to Clarks today for something for my mum, the boys shoes were monstrous. Have you tried t'ebay, I saw loads on there I liked.

The wedding we are going to isn't local its in Birmingham, I'm really excited as I finish work for mat leave on the Thursday and we travel down on the Saturday. 6 weeks and 2 days to go and I am humungous- I need a wheelbarrow to carry my bump around in!

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 21:27:48

Geez..I think we must be each others doppleganger hmm.

Ds is the same size in shoe fact think they suggested a 6 may be a better fit but must admit, I didn't try anything on in clarks today. Just got him measured. Like you I didn't like the selection..Ds also loves his crocs grin. Same as dd.

Thing is with shoes, you never really know if they fit perfect or not..its usually dd who gets home then doesn;t like them or says they hurt..hmm.

Ohh not long to go then, lol at wheelbarrow. Thats how I was with dd and ds (9lb 4 and 9lb 13 shock) and im only 4ft 11 so I was MASSHHOOSIVE sad

Yeah, a meet up would be nice, also christmas one would be lovely. Where did they meet last year..? What happens if you get there and they go "shhhh who..?" blush

shhhh Tue 16-Jun-09 21:33:45

forgot to say, I used to drive past whitefield on route to work before I finished to have dd... you really are not far from me.!

suwoo Tue 16-Jun-09 21:34:52

I'm 5foot5, with big hips and shoulders, slim but not a tiny girl. DD was 8.13 1/2 and DS who was a week early was 8.8. This one feels like its about bloody 8lb now. I'm at the mw tomorrow so we'll see what she says.

The meetup was in the Printworks. We had a meetup thread going for a while beforehand, so got to know each other better on there. I met and made a very good friend in PinkJenny and we had a good laugh.

giddykipper Tue 16-Jun-09 21:39:25

Children under 3 aren't meant to wear them because they are not flat soled. Until that age apparently their bones aren't properly fused in their feet so they need to wear flat soled shoes until that age.

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