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London shopping location advice please.

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OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Mon 15-Jun-09 23:11:22

I need a reasonably dressy evening frock and may be able to get to London this weekend. Can anyone kindly suggest the best location to start from, ie. the place most likely to have the most choice?

I'm thinking Oxford Street (but have bad memories of wading through tat), or King's Road (but I know I'll get sidetracked by gorgeous interiors shops).

I suppose Selfridges might be the best starting point - will have to wear blinkers to avoid nipping into Primark.

I've seen a few dresses online but would prefer to try on, trouble is the shops aren't so well-stocked out in the sticks.

Budget probably about £100 - £150.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

hester Mon 15-Jun-09 23:13:45

The new Westfield Centre (Shepherd's Bush) has loads of dress shops from high street to high end. It's on the central line - very easy to access from Oxford Street, so you could pop along there if Selfridge's doesn't come up with the goods.

WolframAlpha Mon 15-Jun-09 23:16:12

Agree - you could go to Selfridges first, then if no good, back on central line to white city, westfield. Plan!

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Mon 15-Jun-09 23:21:54

That sounds perfect - Westfield's a new one on me (left the smoke six years ago). I was dreading endlessly schlepping the West End. Thanks.

hester Tue 16-Jun-09 21:48:49

OK, you get out at Shepherds Bush tube and Westfield is Right There. It is the biggest indoor shopping centre in Europe, apparently: all the obvious shops - M&S, Cos, Karen Millen etc. Plus 'The Village' part has all the designer shops (Prada, TwentyOneSeven etc) and a champagne bar - not that they've ever seen me flash my cash grin

Hope you have a good time and find your frock.

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Tue 16-Jun-09 22:40:37

Thanks - can't wait.

RamblingRosa Wed 17-Jun-09 10:14:48

Or, if you don't make it to Westfield, you could do the West End but avoid Oxford St IYSWIM. Whenever I shop in town (not often these days) I always go along back streets (many of which have nice shops) and only nip into shops on Oxford St when I have to.

For example, start at Selfridges, go out back way and go to St Christopher's Place, then go up Wigmore St until you get to John Lewis, then cut down to Fenwicks on Bond St. That way you get to all the nice shops and avoid the hell that is Oxford St at the weekend

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Wed 17-Jun-09 11:32:01

That also sounds like a plan.

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