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Highlights - some stupid questions - advice please!

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HeliumBee Sun 14-Jun-09 23:17:13

I had whole head highlights done late May. Like the overall effect although the main highlights at the front start about a CM off my head so looked like they had root re-growth straight away.

1. Is that normal?
2. I've got an event to go to early July. Is it too soon to have the re-growth touched up?
3. The hairdresser said that next time I come (for touch up) I would only need 'half a head'. Does this mean she just does the rooty bits - or does she go over the whole hair?
4. How do they identify the bits of hair done and the bits of hair not done?
5. Could I have more highlights? To give a blonder effect?

Any tips experiences all welcome!!!

Furball Mon 15-Jun-09 07:06:44

Half a head the top layer of hair, so not all the underneath bits of hair where you can't see the roots.

It will not be anything to do with what you've already had done.

MrsSeanBean Mon 15-Jun-09 08:22:15

Answers to your questions, OP:

1. No. I have had this and it's annoying. 1cm sounds a bit much. I would mention it next time, or if you are feeling brave pop in and discuss your concerns, although I guess it's a bit late for that this time. (I complained once about highlights and had them re-done for free, that was only a few days later though.)

2. Bit early (ie you don't really need to have touch ups that soon, but in view of "1" abive I reckon will be fine.

3. Half head is just top section of the hair (i.e. the part that shows if you wear it down. If you wear your hair up a lot, ask for sone highlights in the airline at the back (by your neck) as well. Some hairdressers just go over the rooty bits, some do the whole strand when re-doing. I think it depends on condition of hair and strength of colour - not good to apply bleach based colour to whole length, or necessary I guess.

4. I think they just visually identify the dark bits and do those?

5. You could always ask for a lighter shade next time, and say you would like a lighter effect.

HTH. Good luck.

MrsSeanBean Mon 15-Jun-09 08:23:38

Apologies for dire spelling there, esp 'hairline' (I have had several keys (H included) ripped of keyboard by DS!)

MrsSeanBean Mon 15-Jun-09 08:24:28


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