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"Smart Casual" summer clothes

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rachw1 Sun 14-Jun-09 21:05:24

Hi ladies - I'm hoping people with a superior sense of style might be able to help me

I run a company which means I have to go to meetings. As I'm a programmer people don't tend to expect me to be super smart but as most of the meetings are with people in design agencies who have lots of style, I tend to feel like a scruff which doesn't help when presenting to them!

In the winter I can usually get away with smart jeans and a shirt and v neck jumper or a jacket. I sometimes wear a skirt with flat boots and thick tights. However I don't know what to wear in the summer, and still look presentable.

If I'm in the office all day with no meetings I just wear jeans (usually flares) or combats and a t shirt and Converse, and that's what I'm comfy in.

I'm a size 12, curvy/pear with DD norks, flat tummy - big bum. 5'9" but need longer length trousers (34") so am a bit short waisted! Age 33, dyed red hair and very fair skin (not a natural redhead but could be given my skin tone). I probably dress a bit young for my age - Topshop etc. but I like White Stuff and Fat Face. I saw some lovely dresses in White Stuff but I never wear dresses so don't know where to start!

Oh... and I have dodgy feet & knees so often shoes are a problem!

I'd love to have a few nice clothes that I felt I look good in. My "dragged from the 1970s through a bush" look, worked well for me as a 20 year old, but I don't often feel good in my clothes now so need some inspiration.

K999 Sun 14-Jun-09 21:06:53

i love Hobbs - they always have lovely stuff.

howtotellmum Sun 14-Jun-09 21:16:53

What about smart linen trousers and a cami/T shirt and short cropped cardi?

Or a knee length skirt with the same on top?

Kew have some good things- linen and cotton trousers and loads of cardis etc.

Could you be coaxed into Boden?

AnotherFineMess Sun 14-Jun-09 21:19:36

Shift or wrap dresses? With smart flats?

rachw1 Sun 14-Jun-09 21:57:55

Do knee length skirts or dresses mean *bare legs* though? I can cope with them in the winter with chunky tights but the thought of bearing my white calves and horrible knees to the world doesn't appeal.

Boden ... I did order some stuff from them once in an attempt to smarten up my wardrobe and it all looked a bit shapeless on me.

howtotellmum Sun 14-Jun-09 22:38:15

Get skirts that just cover your knees and use fake tan on your lily white legs.

brokenspacebar Mon 15-Jun-09 09:40:08

Hello Rach -seasalt might suit you, relaxed and comfortable clothes, the skirts are very comfortable (sizes generous I am between a 10/12 but the smallest size is very comfortable on me).

Adili is another place that might be good for smart casual...

and great plains too.

I got lovely navy linen trousers from monsoon.

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 16:56:20

straight well tailored trousers
a nice t shirt from kew( love their cut this summer) and a cool coloured cardigan
coloured handbag

ParisHiltonSequins Mon 15-Jun-09 16:56:59

for shot wasited trousers go to gap deffo - they are great .

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