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Anyone have Jose Eber curling tongs

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colie Sun 14-Jun-09 19:42:58

Someone I know has them and she recommends them and says they definately make her curls stay in for days. Suits me as don't like washing my hair too mch shock

If anyone has them do you have the 19mm or 25mm ones. The lady I know who has them, has the 19mm ones but not sure if the 25mm would suit me more as I have very thick hair. I am going to buy them off ebay as they are half the price.

I know I could go to big department stores who let you try them out but it is some distance away so was hoping you lovely ladies may be jose eber experts and give me your professional opinion!!

Thanking presumptiously.

colie Sun 14-Jun-09 21:27:07

On behalf of all people like myself with shamelessly frizzy hair I am bumping for advice on these tongs which I have heard take frizz away!!

Not for myself of course grin

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