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I'm sorry

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PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 13:27:54

I now have 4 pairs of crocs sitting on my shoe rack.

2 pairs of maryJanes
1 pair of Caymens
1 pair of silver cloud.

Cost me £45 total and thought it would be good (if and) when we go camping for the showers. (not all for me BTW)

plus I get hideous oedema all through summer so they are probably the only pair of shoes I will be able to where if it gets hot.

And my they feel like a pair of slippers...

blinks Sun 14-Jun-09 13:29:05

<slaps perfectprefect and tries to shake style sense into her>

KidCreolesCoconut Sun 14-Jun-09 13:30:00


PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 13:30:51

I did say I am sorry

BionicleBill Sun 14-Jun-09 13:44:50

You have a shoe rack??!! grin

I hope it is a stylish shoe rack <hard stare>

PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 13:45:53

<Sorry dodgy ikea show rack>

<we are probably going to have to buy a second now>

EldonAve Sun 14-Jun-09 13:50:21

how can you possibly need 4 pairs?

PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 13:59:35

I have 3 children! I did say they weren't all for me

EldonAve Sun 14-Jun-09 15:22:32

sorry didn't read your OP properly blush

Rubyrubyrubyinthegame Sun 14-Jun-09 15:46:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 15:53:23

<actually iit was DP that refused to buy any>

cookielove Sun 14-Jun-09 16:08:57

i have 5 pairs, one fake and they are all mine, and i don't care what any of you say because they only go on my feet and they are dead comfy so there wink

mrswoolf Sun 14-Jun-09 16:11:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cookielove Sun 14-Jun-09 16:13:34

in lavender

in turqouise

in celery

in mammoth

very nice i think you will all say

Rubyrubyrubyinthegame Sun 14-Jun-09 16:23:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 16:43:36

We have lavendar, red, ruby and celery (I particularly like DD3s celery.

Mine are Silver Clouds which apparenly have an RRP of £50 as they are designed for diabetics and people with foot problems. Apparently they are impregnated with silver

cookielove Sun 14-Jun-09 17:08:21

oooh that is good to know for my diabtetic but very hip dad

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