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Help me find a fab white top please!!!!

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glinda Sun 14-Jun-09 09:57:29

Hi all! This is one of those "should be easy" shopping tasks which is proving to be decidedly tricky. I have a job interview coming up and I have bought a trouser suit which fits well and I am very at ease in - so far so good. I am now searching for a white shirt/blouse/ whatever to wear underneath. I am about a size 16 and very long in the body. I really want to be able to concentrate 100% on what I am saying and not be distracted by shirt riding up, gaping at the boobs, collar going wonky etc. - I REALLY want this job!!!!!


MarthaFarquhar Sun 14-Jun-09 09:58:34

M%S, topshop and esprit all v. good for long trunkers like me.

glinda Sun 14-Jun-09 10:09:11

Thanks Martha Haven't tried esprit yet. Off for a look

glinda Sun 14-Jun-09 10:21:06

There are a couple of "definate maybes" there. (That will give the pedants a cheap thrill!) Do you know how their sizes come up? The styles look quite fitted and I don't want to have to even think about buttons gaping.

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