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ideas for top to go with jeans for an engagement party.

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beanie35 Sat 13-Jun-09 08:11:56

Know you girls will have the answer. I am going to an engagement party, its a small gathering in couple's home.
I need a really nice dressy top to wear with nice pair of jeans. I am size 12, D sized chest and small waist but big hips and thighs. Any ideas??
£35 max

BabyJaguar Sat 13-Jun-09 10:05:04

why jeans?

beanie35 Sat 13-Jun-09 20:44:25

The party is in a small house with guests who will turn up in tracksuits! Don't wanna look too OTT.

blinks Sat 13-Jun-09 21:10:43


go to women's tops, select 'bar tops' and first page there's a cream or black top with shiny discs that would look spiffing. £34.99

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