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My mum is feeling very upset about her clothes situation - help me give her a few clothing suggestions!

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Jewelsandgems Thu 11-Jun-09 21:21:35

My mum is mid 50s. She is straight up and down, no waist. Biggish boobs, size 12.

She hates her legs (she thinks they are too thin) She will only wear low-cut with chunky necklace.

Basically, she is feeling very depressed right now because (she says) everything she tries on looks rubbish on her.

She has a wierd thing about not wanting to wear normal/nice clothes for just 'in the house' and will only wear crappy tshirts (which she complains look crap) and then when I suggest a blouse/tunic top she uses the excuse that there's no point wearing anything like that in the house, and that what if she spills bleach on it (as if she is sloshing around the bleach on a daily basis)

Help me say the right things and make some recommendations of shapes/styles etc. We went shopping today and she tried on something really nice that gave her an empire line shape, but she could not see it [exasperated emoticon]

Shall I just leave her to it? You see, I know she wants to look nice, but she just doesn't feel nice in anything.

Any suggestions/advice/help greatly appreciated

mrsmaidamess Thu 11-Jun-09 21:35:00

Get her an apron.

Or advise her to get NICE indoors clothes, like wide legged soft trews eg Sweaty Betty or similar and a fitted tee shirt or something (v neck).

Something she could chuck a nice mac over (like a trench coat, not a kagool!) if she had to pop out, without changing her whole outfit.

Sort of stay at home with the kids clothes really...but for grandmas.

If its any consolation my mum couldn't give two hoots about clothes anymore either. Her only stipulation is that it must have an elasticated waistband.

alarkaspree Thu 11-Jun-09 21:36:45

Take her to a personal shopper at John Lewis/Debenhams.

Jewelsandgems Thu 11-Jun-09 21:38:35

mrsmaidamess if it only was that easy! My mum is a very young 50something, but also rather proper - she would never wear anything from sweaty betty.

She has lovely jackets, nice jeans, it seems ot be the tops she has a problem with most.

hmm I really have no idea!

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