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How do I sort my cracked heels out?

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Pinkjenny Thu 11-Jun-09 15:17:19

They have never really recovered since my last pg, and as I am pg again, I can see lots of flat shoes in my future. Does anyone have any quick and easy ways to whip them into shape?

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 11-Jun-09 15:19:36

Ouch, these are painful. Have you tried splatting moisturiser on them and using cotton socks before you get into bed and leaving them? It should help to soften the skin, then rub the dead skin off with a pumice stone. I think you can buy cream to do this but I can't remember what it's called.

JamInMyWellies Thu 11-Jun-09 15:21:44

hello lovey.

Got to Body shop and buy a foot file file away for hours and it will get rid of the worst of it then Bliss do dome fab cream and brilliant foot gloves which are brill for horrid feet.

If they are truly heinous get an app with a chiropodist they managed to fix my mums absoloutely disgusting feet they were proper manky.

ThriceWoe Thu 11-Jun-09 15:22:42

Flexitol Heel Balm. It really works. Put a little bit on each morning and evening and within a few days you'll be sorted. Honest.

blondissimo Thu 11-Jun-09 15:24:03

Another vote for flexitol heel balm - a miracle cream grin

EyeballshasBackBoobs Thu 11-Jun-09 15:24:21

Pedegg and some aqueous cream. My heels have gone from a dirty ingrained grey with huge cracks to beautifully soft and pink in about two days I kid you not. The pedegg is fab and I had tried lots of things before to no avail.

Pinkjenny Thu 11-Jun-09 15:27:15

<waves to Jam>

I have an irrational fear of foot files. Flexitol heel balm it is!

meep Thu 11-Jun-09 15:29:27

I used Lansinoh - 'twas the only thing at hand one night while feeding and realising that my heel was so cracked it really hurt.

worked a treat!

MrsMerryHenry Thu 11-Jun-09 15:30:21

I hear bumsex is good for cracked heels



EyeballshasBackBoobs Thu 11-Jun-09 15:30:33

Flexitol is like pus though. I couldn't bear it!

Pinkjenny Thu 11-Jun-09 15:32:03

I can't deal with the filing of the feet <shudder>

MacaroonIncident Thu 11-Jun-09 15:33:15

1. go to chirpodist ( not beauty therapist) and get feet shaved
2. put flexitol on night nad day for about 2 weeks
3. then reduce to nightly

SOLOisMeredithGrey Thu 11-Jun-09 15:35:10

I don't think you can use Flexitol when you are pg though...I used that Assie one before being pg and it says on it, not to be used during pregnancy. Best to check the label first.

I would plaster mine in Melrose over night and wear soft cotton socks in bed...

SOLOisMeredithGrey Thu 11-Jun-09 15:38:53

Aussie, not Assie! It could be the Flexitol.

Pinkjenny Thu 11-Jun-09 15:40:09

Grr. Back to the drawing board. Macaroon - I just cannot deal with a chiropodist, with the foot file and the fiddling with the feet. Noooooooooo.

Jux Thu 11-Jun-09 15:48:07

Flexitol Heel Balm, from Boots. Recommended by my mum's chiropodist who says you need a cream with lots of urea in it (ordinary moisturisers don't have any). You need to do it every day. You can file away as much as you like, it'll help but won't sort if. Really slap it on thickly at night.

Jux Thu 11-Jun-09 15:50:08

I've just looked at my tube of Flexitol. It doesn't say anything about not using it while pg. I would ask when in Boots.

MacaroonIncident Thu 11-Jun-09 15:51:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

fairylights Thu 11-Jun-09 15:52:25

i have just started using scholl cracked heel cream and it really does what it says on the packet! its fab smile

BusyBeeWithThree Thu 11-Jun-09 16:38:15

tis excellent

KristinaM Thu 11-Jun-09 16:54:49

confused at idea that foot cream could cross the placenta?????

wastingmyeducation Thu 11-Jun-09 17:01:41

Foot file and Flexitol. It really, really works. smile

ManicMother7777 Thu 11-Jun-09 17:36:03

Scholl Cracked heel cream is good - made from urine apparently! But smells OK.

Blackduck Thu 11-Jun-09 17:42:30

flexitol flexitol flexitol.......grin twice a day and its WORKS....nothng on my (mega large) tube either about pg...

pania Thu 11-Jun-09 17:45:31

Whose urine? grin
Am now contemplating wrapping my feet in ds's wet nappies for a couple of days to see what happens....

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