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REally annoyed - all the things I have wanted to order from Boden are sold out, but available on their US site

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Sourdough Wed 10-Jun-09 23:27:30

Trousers, shoes and bag - been sold out for weeks now on UK site, but all available (albeit on low stock) on their US site. Hope my sister will let me order them to her US address and bring them home for me in a couple of weeks. I have been checking UK site regularly cos I know sometimes things come back into stock, but not this stuff. Why do they do this? angry

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Thu 11-Jun-09 09:54:41

Very annoying, I agree. Have you tried calling their shop to see if those items are in stock there? Perhaps they would consider posting them to you (other online stores with real stores do this so they might).

Have you tried looking on ebay? I am always amazed at the amount of current season Boden stock on there - and it doesn't seem to go for any more than the regular price.

Sourdough Thu 11-Jun-09 15:13:43

Thanks, Mrs JS. I may give that a go, although sis has said she will bring them back from the US next week (if I buy her another bag!)

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