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What waterproof make up do you use and is it any good?

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ThePhantomPlopper Wed 10-Jun-09 17:06:43

Need some for my holidays.

Any recommendations?

JohnnyTwoHats Wed 10-Jun-09 17:19:11

mascara is the thing I would take to a desert island. It is truly amazing. I actually threw away all my other mascaras once I had tried this one for a few days, will never go back to another type of mascara. And its so easy to remove too! Just get in shower and pull it off gently. Basically it won't come off in water and it won't come off if you pull or rub at it BUT if you pull it in warm running water it comes off beautifully. Its like little 'tubes' that go round your lashes then when you remove them they come off fully (so no panda eyes or flaking).
One thing I would mention is though, if you put on more than one coat you need to make sure you do all the coats BEFORE it dries (rather than leaving it to dry between coats like with normal mascara) as if you try and apply another coat when its dry it will go clumpy.

It's fab stuff. It just looks like my normal lashes (ie no clumping) but massively longer!

JohnnyTwoHats Wed 10-Jun-09 17:20:20

Bugger. How can i have failed to link?

blinc mascara

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