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Can anyone recommend a good face primer (preferably cheap)!

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lambanana Wed 10-Jun-09 16:37:08

I have been using benefit that gal primer and it's ace but so dear for a little tube.

Anyone come across something similar but cheaper than £20?

moopymoo Wed 10-Jun-09 16:40:34

came on thread to recommend that gal...I havent found anything to beat it. Sometimes you can get it a bit cheaper on ebay, I know it is pricey. but fab

lambanana Wed 10-Jun-09 16:45:11

I know - I love it too!

Just wondered whether there are any others that are worth a try?

TimeForMe Wed 10-Jun-09 16:54:56

I don't know how this one compares to the one you use but I like it I tried a more expensive one after a recommendation on here but didn't find it any better than the cheaper Avon one.

ReginaCovington Wed 10-Jun-09 16:55:24

i am sceptical as to wether we NEED htis really

JohnnyTwoHats Wed 10-Jun-09 16:56:58

I just moisturise. Don't see why another layer of crap and chemicals is a good idea tbh.

TimeForMe Wed 10-Jun-09 17:01:03

I was sceptical too but it does work, makeup does stay put a lot longer.

MayorNaze Wed 10-Jun-09 17:09:21

avon face perfector.

£10 but sometimes less.

does the job methinks

but i only use it for special occasions (ooh get me grin)

as i am not sure that really in the grand shcme of things it is all that life altering...

JohnnyTwoHats Wed 10-Jun-09 17:10:02

I use mineral makeup now, that stays put all day for me anyway. But when I used normal makeup I did try Beauty Flash Balm and Virgin Vie did a nice pink one which brightened up the face a bit but you did look like you had loads of makeup on because it was sort of shimmery.

lambanana Wed 10-Jun-09 18:26:27

Thank you for replying I will try the avon one.

I am not sure everyone does need it Regina but my skin tone is quite uneven so I find that using a primer under foundation gives me a more polished look.

I agree that they can sometimes be a bit pink and shimmery because I have used an Elizabeth Arden one which, although nice did tend to shimmer through.

Mayor - maybe that's where I have been going wrong! I have been slapping it on everyday instead of saving it for best. (that's why I have none left!)

BodenGroupie Wed 10-Jun-09 21:19:31

I find the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm lasts me about a year (I don't use it every day). Get if from so cheaper than shops. Having said that, Boots No 7 Stay Perfect foundation seems to have something in it that does the same thing (when not stolen by DD1)

CMOTdibbler Wed 10-Jun-09 21:22:58

I use the Boots primer as it helps even out my big pores, and stops the foundation sitting in them.

Don't like flash balm, but will give Avon a try

AbricotsSecs Thu 11-Jun-09 20:53:30

Message withdrawn

lambanana Thu 11-Jun-09 23:03:02

ooh Hoochie I might have to blag ask nicely for a sample next time I am in town!

AbricotsSecs Fri 12-Jun-09 08:36:32

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Fri 12-Jun-09 08:39:32

Superdrug vitamin spf 15 face brightener/moisturiser is half price atm £2.55 and its really good.You can use it on its own or add to normal foundation hth

LaurieFairyCake Fri 12-Jun-09 09:50:34

the smashbox one on QVC is good and cheap - and if you don't like it you can send it back for a refund within 30 days.

I heart QVC.

this is the normal primer, they also do a 'light' primer as well as a jumbo sized one

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 12-Jun-09 10:06:30

I'm with Regina - I am not convinced that it is even necessary.

I used a Rimmel (yes I know) one which was like having a layer of pva glue on my face. Yes it helped the foundation go on better but it looked so mask like. Not impressed. I have also used Estee Idealist but it didn't make a jot of difference.

My routine is that after sunblock I use a cheap as chips version of Beauty Flash Balm (Boots Radiance Balm with cucumber, about £1.80), which makes my skin look glowing, then shove foundation on above that. I think you would get the same effect with any old light moisturiser, don't need to shell out on primer.

IDidntRaiseAThief Fri 12-Jun-09 10:15:26

not sure what primer is, but as for a base thingy, I occasionally use the Olay multi radiance, daily illuminating UV fuild.

It makes me look less grey, and doesn't irritate. I sometimes use it as a highlighter on it's own, say above my eys, around them/top of cheeks. It's about £8, and sometimes is on offer.

lambanana Fri 12-Jun-09 22:34:20

Cheers everyone.

Like I said it's probably not necessary for everyone but I like it and my make up sits much better when I use it.

LFC I will get my mum on the case for the QVC one - its her favourite hobby!

cornsilk Fri 12-Jun-09 22:36:54

I use beauty flash balm and the smashbox primer. I prefer beauty flash balm as it's glowy. Tesco do one which was recommended on here. I tried it - it's okay. Not as good as Clarins but a fraction of the price.

bebesequin Sun 14-Jun-09 20:06:43

I love the barbara daly for tesco-face lift in small glass pot- £5-givesa lovely glow under foundation or can be worn on it's own .

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