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internet shopping virgin needs advice

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Sago Wed 10-Jun-09 12:51:40

I have never ever bought any clothes over the internet....and I think I could do with some advice on how to do this, please!
when I go real life shopping it always takes me a long time to find things that fit altogether a boring old chore. I do my food shopping on the internet and that is soooooo fantastic, i would like to have a similar experience regarding clothes..
So, any advice? how do you know that the size fits you? I normally have to take a couple of sizes into the changing room IRL. are you forever returning things? how can you tell whether that bargain will not look completely see through and tarty in real life? so many questions, I know....

spiderinthebath Wed 10-Jun-09 13:20:04

how about starting with the shops online that you know have things that you like/have fit you well before? it is a bit of a gamble but once you find a shop and know your size its great! good luck

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