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Magic Tan spray tan - shall I have it done on the day of the event? And just one, or two 'coats'?

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franch Tue 09-Jun-09 22:04:55

Have had it done before but seem to have lost all memory - even of whether it was any good or not. Event's on Fri - should I get it done Fri AM, or earlier? Or, Thu and Fri (as I am so bluey white)? Sort out my tanning schedule please ... grin

franch Wed 10-Jun-09 11:44:30


foreveroptimistic Wed 10-Jun-09 12:04:40

Have it done a couple of days before as sometimes the effect can be too strong and you want to give it time to settle down.

franch Wed 10-Jun-09 12:48:57

thanks forever

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