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Quick fixes required - for a slimmer and glossier me!

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AddisonMontgomerySheppard Tue 09-Jun-09 09:22:28

So I have a couple of big glam events in the next month or so and despite dieting for them since Easter I haven't lost quite as much as I'd hoped as had a few setbacks.

I am planning on cutting down on wheat as I know that bread bloats me like the plague and upping water intake as that will help for getting rid of my current teenage like skin (what causes these boil-like zits on my NECK?! ughangry)

I have blow dries booked for both events so that should assist with the glossy effect but anything else I can do to help look gorgeous?

How quickly do those perfectil supps work (Ifi they do at all hmm?
Any other quick-fixes to help that you can share?

fishie Tue 09-Jun-09 09:25:02

spray tan. my friend had it done for an event and looked wonderful.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Tue 09-Jun-09 09:32:08

Hi Addison.....first.....stop worrying and apologising for lack of weight loss - am sure you look gorgeous

I get spots on my neck too - usually behind my ears and around my hairline (up to about 1cm away from it). I think mine are caused by not rinsing conditioner properly from my skin. I tend to use quite rich conditioners as I have very dry hair so am making an extra effort now to ensure neckline is properly rinsed and seems to be making a difference.

How are your nails? Massaging a little oil into your cuticles and nails works wonders (mine were transformed within a few days). I bought a special cuticle oil from Sally (salon supplies place) but any oil would do - olive oil or a specific massage base oil.

Groomed eyebrows are essential, imo. They make such a difference.

Keep skin moisturised (consider a gradual tanner).

As for your bloat, I find firmly massaging my tummy in big clockwise circles really helps with that (digestive system works in a clockwise direction so you are easing things along). I use Mamma Mio's Tummy Toner and Get Waisted and have been impressed so far with the results.

Oh and don't forget feet - Scholl foot scrub twice a week and keep School foot cream by the bed so you can apply a dollop each night before sleep. A DIY pedicure will complete your pretty feet

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Tue 09-Jun-09 09:34:28

obviously I mean Scholl foot cream....not school blush

Oh and if you are going to do the Scholl thing....just buy their regular stuff - if you use it regularly, you don't need to pay the extra for the heavy duty scrubs etc.

monkeysmama Tue 09-Jun-09 13:35:52

I agree-a proper eyebrow shape works wonders. I'd consider a manicure too-when I'm manicured, pedicured & have had my eyebrows threaded I feel a lot happier with my reflection. If you go for a spray tan do it day before but not too many days before. A woman at a friend's birthday this weekend had a spray tan 4 days before & looked like a half peeled orange. Maybe try one of the light diy tans yourself a few times for practice. I'm a recent convert-
ambre solaire dry face mist & l'oreal sublime bronze airbrush effect.

AddisonMontgomerySheppard Wed 10-Jun-09 14:23:37

Oh thanks for this - esp your kind words MrsJOhnsimm

I am about to book a spa pedi and brow grooming for the weekend.
And bought a bodybrush and some nice nail varnish to get nails up to speed (I find they grow better when varnished, dunno why!)

Zits could be conditioner I guess...will bear in mind

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 10-Jun-09 14:55:28

You are very welcome

Another thought on the zit situation.......have you tried using deep cleansing face pack on your neck? I haven't tried it but the notion just popped into my head and actually I don't see why it wouldn't work??

Body brushing is an excellent idea. Follow up with some Nivea firming lotion (used this before hols the last two years and am convinced it makes a difference....or maybe I am just gullible ). Alternatively, just use any body lotion that you absolutely adore the smell of. I find my confidence soars when I use something like that - feel properly pampered

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