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wedding outfit help pretty please!

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hatesponge Mon 08-Jun-09 23:03:05

Am going to a wedding in a few weeks

Have been invited to the whole day - is going to be a quite smart event full of lots of cool media/film types. Am therefore keen to makean effort & not to look like a prat dressed in my usual Primark/Peacocks/George efforts wink

thus far have found the following which I like, but not sure of (all Monsoon which is the only grown up shop I ever buy clothes in!)




(who thinks up these names?!)

Comments/ideas please- all suggestions most welcome and appreciated!!

For info, I am fair-ish skinned, auburn long curly hair (good day think pre-Raphaelite, bad day huge frizz ball!), size 18/20, thinnest parts are my arms and shoulders, have ok legs for my size, fattest part is tummy/hip area so tend to go for flare-y skirted things............

Dysgu Mon 08-Jun-09 23:14:50

I like nigella and persia better than lina. Would say that persia seems easier to dress up for the evening. Wear it with a jacket
which you can then remove for the evening if you want to.

Also, being strapless, you can go for some lovely jewellery - thinking chunky wood myself but go with what you like - which would draw the eyes up from your tummy.

Hope it's a nice day.

BarbaraWoodlouse Mon 08-Jun-09 23:17:27

Love Nigella.

Can you carry off that red? If so, I do like lina but the shape might be a bit erm rounding grin. Perhaps not if you have good shoulders...

Persia might look good with your colouring but not so sure about strapless for an all day do. Though there is of course the shrug option.

For your consideration, I've just fallen in love with (and bought) this. V. flattering shape and the colour might be quite striking on a red head.

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