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are there any fellow flat chested ladies out there? i mean *really* flat!

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kissmummy Mon 08-Jun-09 22:08:41

i'm a 36A. or even AA. Thank goodness for padded bras as i really have nothing without them.
I've got to go bikini shopping this week. any tips? i think halter neck padded bikini tops are probably best?
i'm short ish but am fit and in good-ish shape. i'm 34.

kissmummy Mon 08-Jun-09 22:09:35

oops, seem to have posted message twice, sorry. blush once for each of my non existant boobs!

notyummy Mon 08-Jun-09 22:11:50

Yep, same here - 34 A (or sometime AA)

Got a padded halter neck from Tesco last year that was GREAT. I think there are some specialist website that sell to 'smaller ladies' and may have a good range of boosting option - perhaps try googling?

cookielove Mon 08-Jun-09 22:18:27

i'm also a 36A and what makes it worse is i'm a size 16 bottom 14 top and i carry alot of weight on my tummy and so i look really tiny because my boobs are smaller than my fat tummy, although i am tryin to loose weight.

i have a lovely halter neck tankini from m&s, what i find hard is i have quite a long body so it's hard to find swinsuits that fit, they are dragged across my body making boobs look even flatter

kittywise Mon 08-Jun-09 22:23:18

I am a 34 A /AA what annoys me is that I don't want boosting with padding!!
Yes I would like to be a little bigger naturally but I am what I am, I don't want padded bras etc .
But very few places do normal bras in these sizes.
I hate the assumption that if you're flat chested you want to pad. I just want them hoisted a little higher!!

Badpups Mon 08-Jun-09 22:42:57

Have you tried maxcleavage? I got a tankini from there last year with gel that gives me curves that I definitely do not have!! It was expensive but without it I wouldn't have had the confidence to go in the water so it was well worth it

Clure Mon 08-Jun-09 22:51:52

Yes agree with either a halter neck or an underwire bikini. I'm 32A got a quite a nice bikini from new look last summer, the cups were slightly padded/moulded. I also hate padded/gel bra's, just a little to hoick them up!!

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