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Is this suitable for my Daughters Christening? HELP!!

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coolkat Mon 08-Jun-09 17:50:37

Never started a thread before but am a regular that needs help!!

I have ordered a skirt and top from Fat Face and they have come today but I am unsure of a) whether they are appropriate ad b) what to wear on top if it is chilly.

I have a white linen jacket would thi go?

I am thinking of wearing some nice Tan Wedges that I have from last year or I have some white Jasper conran sandals that I have worn to a wedding.

This is the skirt:
The top is the matching one they have in the other picture <plain vest top>

1st link so I hope it works.
I do have to go out tonight as we have the christening meeting but will read replies when I can.

Dysgu Mon 08-Jun-09 23:09:21

Love the skirt - wondering if I could justify buying it but will wait until have lost a bit more baby weight!

Don't have much christening experience - have only been to one I think and that was because it followed the wedding (!!).

Think it looks lovely - would go with the tan sandals personally and the white jacket would be fine if a cool day.

llareggub Mon 08-Jun-09 23:28:23

I don't think the white jacket would go with that skirt. I think you need a little cardigan in a colour from the skirt. Tan wedges, not white.

I've not been to a christening for a long time, so whether the skirt would be suitable isn't really something I can comment on. It is more on the casual side though, isn't it?

MatNanPlus Tue 09-Jun-09 00:42:25

I like the skirt, tan wedges and more a cardi / wrap / pashmina than a jacket.

chocolategal Tue 09-Jun-09 05:55:00

hey coolkat
I love the skirt too. I think it's fine for a christening, I have been to 3 this year so far and It doesn't have to be very formal dress for the church. I'd wear it with the wedges and prob try to get a cardi similiar to one of the colours in the skirt.

As you are having the after do in your garden you could swap your wedges for flip flops and it will still look great and you'll be comfy!

Hope that helps! X

Ceebee74 Tue 09-Jun-09 09:23:43


I echo what Chocgal has said smile

I think it is definitely appropriate and I LOVE it - it is gorgeous!! Deffo wear the tan wedges with it and a black or pink cardigan (if you can find one this week!).

Like Chocs idea of switching to more comfy flip flops when you get home to your party in your giant shed garden wink

coolkat Tue 09-Jun-09 20:34:47

Thanks ladies, looked today for cardi and really struggling. The white Jacket looked pants, I did buy a fine white cardi top today but hope not to need it. The problem I have is the top that goes with the skirt is the red colour in the pattern so trying to match another colour out of the skirt feels near on impossible!

I think the Photo on the website makes it look casual but feels smart enough with wedges.

My new problem is my red swollen eye! How to hide that.
Thanks Ladies

coolkat Tue 09-Jun-09 21:47:17

Mwahhhh got a solution! Ordered the matching colour cardigan from Fat Face that I had not seen! So if cold I can wear that, returning white one!

chocolategal Tue 09-Jun-09 21:55:40

Sounds perfect! I don't think it looks casual, smart without being overly so.

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