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Shopping in Bath.

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GeneHunt Mon 08-Jun-09 10:40:20

I will be in Bath on Thursday and Friday and intend to refresh my very tired and frumpish wardrobe. Help!

Where will I find all the good shops for a newly forty, curvy and relaxed women who still secretly believes she is 15. grin

I like the look of Toast but generally rely on Fat Face. No corporate or party wear required, just day-to-day lovely new clothes.

Many thanks for any pointers. grin

McDreamy Mon 08-Jun-09 10:42:20

There's loads in Bath, Coast, Fat Face, White Stuff. Also has a Duo shop if you need some new boots! All in the city centre, don't just stick to the main street though, take the time to explore all the little alleyways as you will find lots of independent boutique shops. Enjoy! grin

littlelamb Mon 08-Jun-09 10:44:23

I must be incredibly dim, the one and only time I went to Bath I found it all incredibly confusing and thouht I must have missed most of the shops blush It was beautiful though, and I'd love to go back this weekend with a friend who's visiting. If we go on the train, where should we head to? <<sorry for hijack Gene>>

McDreamy Mon 08-Jun-09 10:46:43

The train station is at the bottom of the high street really. So come out of the station and head left - it's fairly straight forward and on a Saturday just follow the crowd!!! Once on the high street unless you want the same old shops explore of it. Oooh I am very envy of you both!

GeneHunt Mon 08-Jun-09 10:59:47

We are staying in a 'Boutique' hotel down one of the little alleyways. Am very excited but also don't want to waste any time or miss anything good! [/doesn't get out much]

MrsSeanBean Mon 08-Jun-09 12:00:16

There's a lot of building work happening at present, especially if you arrive by train it will look grim (to start with!)

I agree a trip to Toast will be good. They have wonderful staff and a lot of stock. Avoid the m&s cafe, it is staffed by useless people IME, and always overcrowded. I've gone off Jigsaw lately, although there is a big branch there, but White Stuff is good, and again, is staffed by fabulous people IME. Hope you have fun!

traceybath Mon 08-Jun-09 12:35:30

Well the main high street starts where there's lots of building works as others have said with H&M and TopShop but in my opinion Bath shops get better the further up the town you go.

There's all the usual suspects but also a very big Jigsaw where there's a sale at the moment, a nice White Company and a decent size Cath Kidston.

Also opposite Jollys and near Duo you've got Reiss and Comptoir des Cottoniers.

If you then go to the top of that road and turn right there's a lovely shop called Prey which has some nice things in it. Then go over the crossing and up the little road opposite and you've got Toast and Mee which is a lovely shop selling gorgeous clothes and shoes.

There's also a shop called the Square near the big Gap which is more designery - expensive but the odd nice thing.

Have a lovely time and hope you get some nice stuff.

Oh also take a look around Shires Yard where Jamie Oliver's restaurant is - some nice shops there too.

GeneHunt Mon 08-Jun-09 14:36:48

Thank you all!

Traceybath, that's exactly the info I was looking for. I'm very fond of Comptoir des Cottoniers and Toast so I think I will follow your recommendations. Very, very helpful, thanks.

Very excited, there really aren't many shops to choose from in North Devon and online shopping just isn't the same. grin

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