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In need of a great haircut --- where to go?

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smilesandsun Sun 07-Jun-09 22:03:34

Hi i'm looking for a new hairdresser, does anyone have a stylist / salon to recommend. Either in London or NW London.


Ladyface Sun 07-Jun-09 22:24:32

Zoo in Islington at the Highbury end of Upper St or try one of the Hob salons across north west london- not cheap but very good, especially with colour.

smilesandsun Mon 08-Jun-09 10:16:42

ok thanks, any other suggestions for a great restyle / cut?

I was told Windle in Covent Garden.... but also another place in Islington which I can't remember the name of.


squeaver Mon 08-Jun-09 10:17:52

Charles Worthington in town.

Breizhette Mon 08-Jun-09 10:26:33

Lesley in Windle is fab.

smilesandsun Mon 08-Jun-09 10:38:39

thanks, you know what its like trying to find a good hairdresser!

Kaz0812 Mon 08-Jun-09 10:47:37

Hari's in south Kensington. Depends what you want. One of the cheapest stylists (only because she's one of the newest) is Japanese and trained in that country. She cuts hair brilliantly and accurately. (Think straight Japanese hair)

smilesandsun Mon 08-Jun-09 10:53:23

OK thanks, I have very thick hair so need someone who can cut it so that it doesn't boof out, if that makes sense [smile}. I'm also looking for a real change so a complete restyle so I need someone with vision, because thats what i'm lacking...

EyeballshasBackBoobs Mon 08-Jun-09 10:55:31

I'll do it. I did a wicked Mumsnet cut on my own hair...

... until I ended up with a mullet/shelf arrangement...

LittleOneMum Mon 08-Jun-09 13:28:10

The Chapel in Islington.

It is the business. I love it. I go for three hours every ten weeks or so and they are fabulous. They pamper you rotten and you can do your nails while your colour sets etc. Check out their website. Never been so happy with a hairdressers ever!

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