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Any hairdressers able to advise on how to create a 1940's look?

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Notquitegrownup Sun 07-Jun-09 21:22:03

Some great styles here 1940s look

I can do curls, though will need lots of setting lotion to get them to hold, as my hair straightens itself if the air is damp at all. How do I get the crimped effect, however, those waves, which are sort of folded into the hair? Any advice or ideas most welcome. I've got the most gorgeous dress and accessories to wear to a Holywood glamour party, but need the hair to look good!

Notquitegrownup Sun 07-Jun-09 21:24:16

PS - not thinking of the style at the very top!

Notquitegrownup Mon 08-Jun-09 13:32:36

hopeful bump?

MamaHobgoblin Mon 08-Jun-09 14:02:08

Those crimped curls tight against the head- isn't that called a Marcel Wave? I think they used setting lotion. From my reading of novels set in the 40's, they seemed to use an awful lot of curlers and sometimes some 'rats' or rag rolls, left in the hair so the curls looked plump. Have you got velcro rollers? You could experiment with those and some setting lotion (the type old ladies use!) and see if it stays put? Little combs to take the bits at the side back?

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