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jeans recommendations........

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bonnyb1 Sun 07-Jun-09 21:14:19

It's that dreaded time again, buying some jeans - aargh! I'm looking for some jeans to wear with high heels, I'm 5'7 and curvy, I've had Warehouse before which were ok, I would particularly like some that hold you in/slim you down (ha, wouldn't we all!)
Any suggestions? smile

psychomum5 Sun 07-Jun-09 21:16:45

I love Gap jeans myself...........and often by the worng ones (ie - long), which flame loves as they fit her lovely (she has fab long legs)

flibertygibet Sun 07-Jun-09 22:24:58

I have spent years trying to find jeans to fit my 'curvy' figure and had almost given up! I have a small waist, with largish thighs and bum, so I usually end up with jeans that fit my butt but have a huge gap at the waist - terrible! And then they make my legs look short. And don't get me started on low-rise waists...

However..all is not lost...Gap is usually good but I've found a brand called 'Almost Famous'. Not cheap but they have a higher waist than most brands and fit everything.

I had to go to the shop in central London to find them, but they told me you can get them at Fenwick or online:

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