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shrug/cardy advice

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ThingOne Thu 04-Jun-09 11:19:14

I need a cardy/wrap/shrug to wear with a maxi dress to a party this weekend.

The dress is cream/brown/silver-grey/gold-ish in a geometric pattern. It's crinkled material with a shimmer.

I've put a lot of weight on recently and the flimsy gold shrug I bought to wear with it just highlights my very large hips.

I'm 5'3. Norks currently good due to excess weight and top half looks good. Dress makes me look as I have a bit of waist whereas in reality it is currently lost. Hips very heavy - size 16 - which is very big for a short person. I have pale skin and reddish hair. I'm 42 and not fashion forward wink. Far more interested in what makes me look good.

What sort of style/shape should I look for to be most flattering?

I do need a covering as I have a colostomy (on my tummy) and if it goes into action during the evening I need to be able to cover the lump the bag will make while I make my way to the loo and make it flat again.

I can shop in Bath, Bristol or Cribb's Causeway tomorrow. Too late for on-line only!

blondissimo Thu 04-Jun-09 22:08:03

Is the dress new? Is there any way you could send a link to it or post a picture on here? Sorry it's just difficult to visualise smile

Helium Fri 05-Jun-09 09:05:37

I think most cardis/shrugs will do this (i.e mke your hips look big) because they sort of stop at the hips - if you buy anything longer or to provide more coverage I think that might just look a bit odd...

I would get a wrap (or sarong) and artfully drape it around you - would also give you more opportunity to cover your bag if neceessary (whereas pulling a cardi etc over would simply look like you are trying to hide it).

Good luck!

ThingOne Fri 05-Jun-09 09:15:51

It's not new and I can't find the photo I have of me in it. Anyway, I was two stone lighter and still had breastfeeding norks so it looked good.

I have now seen some nice looking wraps which look long enough and am off to shop them now.

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