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help me, 1m post-birth, what can I wear?

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2jamsandwiches Wed 03-Jun-09 17:07:16

I feel so depressed, for the first time since DD born I had time to go shopping, and have to face the fact that
a) I'm currently a 16 rather than my usual 12
b) that lots of 16 clothes don't fit either
c) that my tummy is incredibly saggy and bulgy
d) that even though I'm tandem feeding I still have no boobs

What can i wear?? everything i tried on today looked terrible, terrible...

I don't want to spend loads, as I have a vain hope that I won't be this size/shape for too long (was more than 6m last time though, so I do need to buy some stuff...)

minko Wed 03-Jun-09 17:27:08

Try White Stuff. They do lots of nice empire line stuff which is good to hide a bit of a belly...

2jamsandwiches Wed 03-Jun-09 17:30:29

just had a quick peek at their website - nice, but pricey! it's not just the belly that's the problem too: bum and thighs are hideously huge...

minko Wed 03-Jun-09 17:37:02

new look top?

2jamsandwiches Wed 03-Jun-09 17:42:49

mmm, maybe. What would you wear underneath it though (trousers, I mean)? I find long things tend to ruckle up over my bum and make it look appalling.

SpinyNorman Wed 03-Jun-09 17:45:58

get thee to primark/peacocks/tesco/george @ asda, and buy lots of floaty tops, tesco have lots of cheap trousers too. Not worth spending much money if you want to lose the weight smile i was also a size 12 before i had DD (8mo) and am now down to a small size 14..its taking much longer than i thought it would blush

I bought cheap basics and then bought nice scarves/jewellery to dress it up a bit.

SpinyNorman Wed 03-Jun-09 17:47:09

how about some nice wide-legged linen trousers?

Sago Wed 03-Jun-09 18:29:14

i found wide leg drawstrings were good for that stage...
and (dare i confess) some elasticated waists -though not the ones where you can tell from the outside that they are elasticated if you see what I mean.
floaty tops?
wrap around dresses?
also, if you know it will take a while to lose the weight then why not splash out on couple of more expensive things which will make you feel really good. That's what I did, I reckoned it was worth it so i could be a happy mum.

2jamsandwiches Wed 03-Jun-09 21:03:12

am carless in central london so tesco/asda aren't possible, unfortunately. will give primark and peacocks a go.
Wide legged things definitely a good look just now.
Floaty tops and wraparounds tend to make boobs look even smaller...
Sago, your idea of getting a few nice things is a really good one, and exactly what I'd like to do! Problem is that I HATE shopping, and it's hard to buy clothes when all the things that you used to look nice in now look ghastly! Hence my desperate cry for help!

oranges Wed 03-Jun-09 21:06:34

a tip i have is DON@T look at sizes. Just get whatever fits, even its a size 20 when you are normally a 16. My tummy and bits were so saggy that sizes made no sense for a while. And its summer - long skirts and strappy tops with a light cardi, unbuttoned shirt over it would work.

Sago Thu 04-Jun-09 10:29:48

oh I know how you feel re hating shopping. I hate it too, but found it esp hard when I was at your stage and had a small baby, sleep-deprived, new body shape etc...
I used to go round the shops quite quickly as part of my daily walk, get a few ideas to think about on the rest of my walk and then one day psyche myself up to try the things on. It took me ages to find things but a/it did not take all of my day up and b/it did not demoralise me so much to try on a couple of things which did not opposed to finding out that the whole shop floor was not for me....
I did stare at 'bigger women' who just looked so lovely in what they were wearing and tried to get some fashion tips off the street.
oh yes, and when something fits I buy it in different colours so I don't have to go through the hassle again- sound familiar?
Don't be too harsh on yourself, I spent the first months in some pregnancy clothes (by the time I had DC3 I was so happy to be 4 months post partum and wearing those pg clothes that had not fitted after week 15!). But the weight goes and a slightly new you will least you know that is possible from last time.

notyummy Thu 04-Jun-09 10:40:34 -_-Zone+Women

Try Littlewood Direct for ideas - they are really, really good now - ditch your memories of the rubbish catalogue! You can look for ideas for your shape if you go to the Trinny and Sussanh bit (or just avoid if they scare you!)

Very reasonable priced, and flexible ref delivery and returns (returns are free). And no, I don't work for them!

Are you tall enough for maxi dresses? Would skim over tummy/thighs.

Highcut bootleg jeans with floaty top and wedges (if compatible with children!)

Tulia Thu 04-Jun-09 10:42:11

H+M have some lovely floaty tops, i got two from there, i think they are sort of dresses really but i wear them with my cropped jeans or leggings.

topshop have some similar too, loose floaty beach wear style tops - they cover a multitude of sins! grin

i think you need to look for loose floaty tops (beach wear type things can be good because they are loose and will keep you cool) - and get things in bold colours, or pretty patterns.

like i say the floaty tops can go with cropped jeans/ turn ups or leggings

or you could look out for long gypsy skirts, these are lovely and cool too as it is very hot at the moment. a gypsy skirt would look better with a camisole style top though, rather than a really loose one i think.

hope this helps and congrats on your new baby too!

mondaymonday Thu 04-Jun-09 10:45:29

I was in the same position as you last summer - pre pregnancy clothes all size 10 and I was a size 16 for months. I bought:

- pair of smart dark denim jeans, straight leg. Got mine from H&M
- pretty cotton dress for hot days
- couple of nice cotton tops with ties at the back
- pretty cardigans to go over vest tops. Got mine in topshop

Good luck, just think, next summer you will have all your old stuff to wear and it will fit you!

Tulia Thu 04-Jun-09 10:47:21

oh and have you thought about getting any magic knickers/ body shaper type things? i got some from marks and spencer and they do make a big difference!

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