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can anyone find me a gorgeous chunky royal/electric blue cuff/bangle?

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Heathcliffscathy Tue 02-Jun-09 19:21:54

to go with these shoes??

that i can get my hands on by end of the week?

mrsmaidamess Tue 02-Jun-09 19:44:06

just seen this on Joules site if you can get one quickly

Heathcliffscathy Tue 02-Jun-09 19:46:20

need solid block of colour but thanks!

southeastastra Tue 02-Jun-09 19:49:04

have you tried accessorize, lots of lovely ones in there!

can't open your link to see the shoes.

mrsmaidamess Tue 02-Jun-09 19:49:15

oops I linked to wrong one. This is solid, would look good stacked. if it matches

yama Tue 02-Jun-09 19:54:35

Shopstyle can be useful:

NorkyButNice Tue 02-Jun-09 19:54:57

I have the Joules bangle - it's nice but doesn't feel chunky, if that's what you're after.

PurlyQueen Tue 02-Jun-09 20:08:12

There's this one, but it'll cost ya...

PurlyQueen Tue 02-Jun-09 20:10:35

Have you tried Claire's Accessories?

Heathcliffscathy Tue 02-Jun-09 20:21:16

luckily that one (though gorgeous) is the wrong shade of blue.

there is an angie gooderham one on the shopstyle page but £37 for a bangle??? [faints]

JackieNo Tue 02-Jun-09 20:24:18

Bit off the wall, but how about a leather cuff? Haven't used that site though, so no idea re postage reliability.

JackieNo Tue 02-Jun-09 20:28:35

Is £25 too expensive? (oh, but you wanted something solid, didn't you).

Heathcliffscathy Tue 02-Jun-09 20:36:04

i cannot believe that i can't find a resin royal/electric blue big ole chunky bangle/cuff!

the colours are right in that one jackie but i need solid.

the eel skin (eek) one is the closest so far.

JackieNo Tue 02-Jun-09 20:37:23

(I know - eelskin is a bit strange, isn't it!).
Probably a bit too dark?

Heathcliffscathy Tue 02-Jun-09 20:39:29

close. but prob dark, and also looks bit tat-like iyswim

brokenspacebar Tue 02-Jun-09 22:21:39


brokenspacebar Tue 02-Jun-09 22:30:16


Voltaire Tue 02-Jun-09 22:36:21

Monsoon had one with turquoise and gold. Hang on will look.

Voltaire Tue 02-Jun-09 22:39:40

here It's difficult to tell if it's precisely the right colour blue.

charlieandlola Tue 02-Jun-09 22:45:00


charlieandlola Tue 02-Jun-09 22:47:43

it looks a bit s&m to me

Heathcliffscathy Wed 03-Jun-09 08:30:40

charlieandlola that first one was right but is in the states!

Heathcliffscathy Wed 03-Jun-09 22:05:32

job done. i got the oasis one (not so tat like irl) and a lola rose one. they look great together! thanks ladies.

JackieNo Thu 04-Jun-09 15:28:09

Mmm - I like Lola Rose stuff. V nice.

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