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help needed from fellow tight-wads

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SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 14:34:33

I need to buy a new dress for a wedding - trying to get one online.

The thing is, apart from my wedding dress and winter coat, I have never spent more than 20 quid on an item of clothing. And it has to be really nice for 20 quid. I'm a charity shop girl and proud of it, and designer labels put me off (though i do like good quality)

anyway I've found this - very "me", and nice fabric. But it's 39 pounds so i am unsure. I would probably buy it anyway if it had a high neck (as in turtleneck) because then i would be able to wear it around without worrying about getting sun cream all over it (the front of my neck burns in about 5 seconds flat). The alternative is this

what do you think? is anyone else like this about buying clothes? if so what would you do?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 14:35:06

ps would buy a skirt and top, but can't find any I like.

popsycal Sun 08-May-05 14:35:44

i see a pink bikini on that link..

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 14:39:26

arse. cheap one , expensive one

spykid Sun 08-May-05 14:41:19

Think the more expensive one looks much nicer....sorry!

Fran1 Sun 08-May-05 14:44:32

i vote for the expensive one two, how much is it?

spykid Sun 08-May-05 14:51:50

what about this one from next on the right hand side

only £29.99! or the halter neck next to it for£26.99

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 14:57:10

fran1 - 39 pounds (i.e. 19 more than I would usually pay).

next one is nice, but far too low cut - not that I'm prudish, but I would spend all day rubbing cream into my cleavage. halterneck would mean no bra. or at least buying anew bra. scarey.

So that's 2 to none so far then...tamum is always good at this kind of thing. perhaps i've put her off with the thread title.

popsycal Sun 08-May-05 15:08:32

watching wuth interest - off to a wedding next month at which i will have to feed looking for easy access,,,,

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 15:15:21

popsy - I weaned ds last week specially! this will be my first chance to wear a normal dress in nearly 2 years.

have you seen Lou's thread? there are a couple of nice top and skirt combos on there - short skirts though so no good for my spam-like legs.

popsycal Sun 08-May-05 15:16:02

wheres lou's thread?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 15:20:32

lou's thread

Aero Sun 08-May-05 15:20:58

I got my whole wedding outfit for my brother's wedding in H&M a couple of years ago. Skirt, sleeveless polo top and cardy to match for the grand sum of £30!! Was amazed and it looked great (imho). Was a similar colout to the expensive one, which I must say is really gorgeous, but I also like the cheap one too. Put the cream on before you get dressed in a high factor and you should be ok for hours, then maybe re-apply in the loos later on in the day without plastering it on the dress.

popsycal Sun 08-May-05 15:21:36

may start a thread myself....

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 15:22:56

aero - the problem is that H&M don't sell online and I was hoping to order something and get it sent to my dad's.

I'm cutting it fine as the wedding is next Sat, but should be OK.

miranda2 Sun 08-May-05 15:28:36

Def the more expensive one - looks much nicer, and much nicer than £39 too! I'd say that was a bargain.

tamum Sun 08-May-05 15:30:53

I like the cheap one, actually, even though I am the opposite of a tightwad when it comes to spending money on myself. I have sometimes had to wait weeks for deliveries from Le Redoute, though. Have you looked at Kew?

SenoraPostrophe Sun 08-May-05 15:37:47

I seem to remeber they delivered quick last time. But no, what is kew?

tamum Sun 08-May-05 15:41:03

Bum, it's undergoing maintenance . I'll keep thinking..... (also trying to supervise children making chocolate chip cookies so may be some time)

Aero Sun 08-May-05 15:43:57

Oh that is a pain! Am sure you'll get the right outfit and for a one off £39 isn't bad! It really is lovely.

beansontoast Sat 14-May-05 13:40:03

i know this is a little late...but as a totally brassic charity shpoper tight wad myself...i thought id share a site i found recently that is pretty cheap.its 'vintage'clobber..some weird stuff and some pretty regular stuff.
i havent learnt how to do links but its called
one thing though most of it is pretty small.

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