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Jeez, I got a COMPLIMENT from a MAN <faints>

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NationalFlight Sun 31-May-09 17:21:58

Today at the tip

some geezer said 'if your garden looks as good as you do, ...' shock

Ok he was ancient (well maybe 60) but it's seriously the first time in yonks that a complete stranger told me I looked nice.

SO the mission is now to find me som, wait for it...

flares blush

This is what I was wearing - light blue corduroy flares, with dark red DM sandals and a tight mauve l/s t shirt. hmm

When I was young and virginal I had ONE pair of black flares and they fitted so well and made me look so nice, I used to get asked out about once a week by men in the street. And today it clicked that it is not me, it is the FLARES!
My search for a husband will be over if I can find nice flares.

Help me grin

sleepyeyes Sun 31-May-09 17:26:01

grin If you can get chatted up at the tip you'll have no problem in a bar or club.
Sorry no idea where you get Flares this side of the 70's.

NationalFlight Sun 31-May-09 17:31:34

grin Thanks all the same

Are Falmer nice? there are some on fleabay but it says RRP 14.95? That can't be right..

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