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tweezerman tweezers

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cocolepew Sat 30-May-09 22:08:23

Are they worth the money?

TIA smile

mrsmaidamess Sat 30-May-09 22:09:35

I think so, yes. (I hahve 2 pairs) One pair needs sharpening however and I know they do free sharpenings, but I havent got off my arse to do it.

Clary Sat 30-May-09 22:09:43

My best tweezers actually are some I bought in a hurry in Asda. They cost pence.

So I don't know about tweezerman, but others do rave.

How much money anyway?

janeite Sat 30-May-09 22:13:31


suwoo Sat 30-May-09 22:14:14

Yes! I've had mine about 12 years now and they're still fab. Mine need sharpening but like mrsmaidamess, I can't be arsed sorting it. Can you sort it online?

cocolepew Sat 30-May-09 22:14:54

Do yo send the away to be sharpened? Clary about £18-£20 unless somebody knows better grin

morningpaper Sat 30-May-09 22:14:59


just remember where you put them - they are so SMALL, I have lost two pairs blush

mrsmaidamess Sat 30-May-09 22:15:07

Not sure. perhaps this thread is the kick up the arse I need.

mrsmaidamess Sat 30-May-09 22:15:47

I put mine back in their little case with their rubber hat on each time

<goody two shoes>

Owls Sat 30-May-09 22:15:50

Definitely. They last for years.

cocolepew Sat 30-May-09 22:17:02

Hmmmm I think I might invest, I'm like a Gallagher brother so I pluck a lot.

spicemonster Sat 30-May-09 22:19:05

Oh gosh yes! Buy brightly coloured ones - I have a pink pair and a red pair. And I have never been arsed to get them sharpened but I should really. I just bought a new pair when the old ones got too blunt to be much use but kept them as I am going to send them off 'one day'. When I die, I will be surrounded by umpteen pairs of blunt tweezers

janeite Sat 30-May-09 22:19:48

Mine are pink, so easy to find in my makeup box. They were about 13 pounds and worth every penny (and I say that as somebody who wouldn't normally spend money on something like that but I'd had too many cheaper and rubbish pairs).

Meglet Sat 30-May-09 22:19:54

mine are 10 years old and despite my werewolf like hairiness they don't need sharpening. totally worth the money. even my un-trendy mum has gone and bought some.

Clary Sat 30-May-09 22:21:16

woohoo £20 [gasp]

I am always losing tweezers (found a pair in the Dyson the other day hmm) so maybe not a good plan.

What is this with the sharpening? Are they like a pin or what needs sharpening about a pair of tweezers? (clearly a whole other world here....)

ScummyMummy Sat 30-May-09 22:21:16


nevergonnapost Sat 30-May-09 22:25:05

they are worth every penny i have never sharpened mine and have been used on a daily basis for 2 or 3 years

cocolepew Sat 30-May-09 22:28:38

Thank you, lovely eyebrowed ladies.

watsthestory Sat 30-May-09 23:57:22

Message withdrawn

flatcapandpearls Sat 30-May-09 23:58:38

Yes, I have lost 2 pairs though, I am trying to keep them in their case this time.

Lubyloo Sun 31-May-09 00:00:22

They are great unless you drop them in the sink, two weeks after getting them, and break one of the ends off angry

bebesequin Sun 31-May-09 20:27:26

I invested in tweezerman a couple of years back - very sharp -but I just couldn't use them- continue to use the pair I bought in Boots when I was 16 .

shhhh Sun 31-May-09 21:55:32


I keep mine in their case so I don;t loose them but find them fab. Pluck after pluck they still perform well.grin.

I have a pair of "diamante"/swarovski encrusted ones if interested wink. BNIB. Bought as I lost my others..then they turned up the day I ordered a new set! Typical.

Stilla Sun 31-May-09 22:41:13

bebesequin - was it the point ones you bought ? My mum got those by mistake - VERY pointy and sharpe .

Stilla Sun 31-May-09 22:42:13

sharpe ? mmmmmm maybe I have Sean Bean on the brain wink

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