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can you recommend a home beauty treatment company or person SW london?

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titferbrains Sat 30-May-09 17:19:04

DD is sick and I'm exhausted and in need of treats. So I want to have someone come to house and give me a pedicure and really good massage. Any tips?

CHOOGIRL Sat 30-May-09 17:21:52

[ Return to Glory]

CHOOGIRL Sat 30-May-09 17:22:56

Oops link didn't work

Return to Glory

titferbrains Sat 30-May-09 19:57:15

have you used them? are they good?

LetThemEatCake Sat 30-May-09 23:02:55

Totally with Choogirl on this one (just for a change!! grin) I've used them. They're amazing.

I'd never go to a salon again, personally.

Hope your DD gets better soon

ps - my pedicure was still perfect and chip/ smudge free after 14 days.

LetThemEatCake Sun 31-May-09 09:11:02

blog about Return to Glory here

titferbrains Sun 31-May-09 09:50:03

ooh honey you've just given me a new blog to --obsess over-- follow grin THANK YOU!

LetThemEatCake Sun 31-May-09 13:02:28

really?? am very smile - that's my blog!!!!

glad you like it!!

titferbrains Sun 31-May-09 16:07:28

~OMG is that your wedding pic on yr profile? I adore yr dress, it's amazing. I wanted a dress with a tiny bit of colour but never found the right thing and ended up with something completely opposite, all lace and glamour.

LetThemEatCake Sun 31-May-09 19:07:52

yes that's us on our wedding day. I love that dress. Spotted it a year before I even got engaged and had it in my head as 'the one I had to have" Didn't even try any others on!!

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