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Has anyone done Epicare? (following on from threading thread!)

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Jux Thu 28-May-09 20:34:53

Looked up threading on google and got Epicare. Anyone any experience of it?


JustBe Fri 29-May-09 11:11:08

Hi Jux

I`ve been using the Epicare threader for around 2 years now and to be honest I could`nt live without it.I have very dark hair and it was always a problem as I had alot of hair on my face especially upper lip and sides of my jaw.

I use mine everyday for a few minutes and I never have to worry about the "hairy" problem anymore. I would say be careful as there are alot of cheap copycat ones on the market and they fall apart and can break you out in spots (I tried one from ebay and ended up with horrible pimply spots) think the metal must be different. I`ve always bought mine from epicare dot co uk and they are the real deal.

Hope this has helped


hairtwiddler Fri 29-May-09 20:00:13

Just watched the link... looks very easy. Know how much they are?

Jux Fri 29-May-09 23:25:31

Thanks JustBe. I am quite tempted but a length of cotton is a lot cheaper no matter how much it costs. I am just going to have a look at your link.

hairtwiddler, I've just gone to epicare dot co dot uk and ordered one - it's £10 something and just over £13 with postage. Scroll right down to the bottom I think (forgotten already!) and there's order now button.

womma Fri 12-Jun-09 12:06:06

I've just bought one of these and it pigging well hurts!! Bought it after hearing rave reviews from a few people, but no-one said it was anything more than a little uncomfortable...does it get better? Should I take a painkiller before venturing forth?

JustBe Fri 12-Jun-09 13:35:34

Hi womma

Don`t give up on it yet, I persevered with mine and I now use it a couple of mins every other day and thats been for the past couple of years,..where is it hurting you the most?

When I first used mine.. above my top lip was the worst place but you could try and rub an ice cube over the area to numb it or I`ve heard that putting some bongela on before helps too! make sure the area is dry first before you use the epicare..also if it is the upper lip area try and push your tongue up under your lip as it stretches the skin taut and its alot less stingy.

Press the epicare frimly against the area when you roll it and it will catch alot more hair.

I got these tips from the distributor when I first got it, as I was ready to bin it! So glad I did`nt cos having really dark hair I always had a five o clock shadow above my lip and along my jawline, it was a nightmare for me.. now I never have to worry about it grin

If you use it quickly the less painful it is kinda like if you were using waxing strips you would`nt pull them off slowly so the quicker the betterwink

womma Fri 12-Jun-09 14:07:55

Thanks for those tips JustBe, I've been trying it out on my upper lip, so I'll have another go when DD goes for a nap.
I've had threading done before and that is uncomfortable, but it's done so quick that it's over before you know it and I think it makes a difference when someone else is doing it too. So I just need to take a deep breath and do it fast!
It sounds like you've really got the hang of using it well, so I'll take your (much appreciated) advice.

womma Fri 12-Jun-09 14:10:05

I don't know how the girl in the demo video isn't flinching all the way through - obviously no nerve endings there!

girlandboy Fri 12-Jun-09 14:13:04

Is it just like plucking but on a bigger scale?

womma Fri 12-Jun-09 14:20:02

Yes, but you pull out more than one hair at a time so it's a bit like plucking magnified ifyswim

roboze Tue 23-Jun-09 14:16:55

Hi ladies, I have just started using epicare I have got some wierd condition.I get hair growing all over the place, at the moment its just very fine but may go to very dark eyebrow type hair yuk.I had put in a search for reviews it brought me here. Not finding it very pain full on my face, I tried it on my legs to see how it would be if it did get dark, omg its awfull praying it stays fine. Does anyone know if it causes a dark shadow? xx

JustBe Tue 23-Jun-09 20:27:57

Hi roboze

Before I started using the Epicare I had a dark shadow it was awful but since using it I am hair and shadow free!wink

Dont think you should use it anywhere else ouch!

Jux Sun 28-Jun-09 21:49:38

JustBe, thanks for your link. I got my Epicare not long after and kept putting off using it as I was SCARED! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However does this happen to anyone else? When I do my top lip it makes me sneeze! Takes ages as a result. It's very funny.

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