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White tailored jacket? For job interview

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frazzledgirl Thu 28-May-09 14:51:12

Have interview on Weds.

I Do Not Do suits (I feel like I disappear in them) but have a lovely silk-cotton wrap dress from Gap which is super-flattering and I know I'll feel good and like me in.

It's white, with a little pale grey and lemon print. I also have grey patent Mary Janes and may have to do nude tights.

However, tis short sleeved. I do have a nice little gray beaded cardigan, which I thought would do until a friend with style made faces about wearing a cardie to an interview.

So, does anyone know where I might find a fitted pale grey/white jacket?

I have pretty much NO budget, I need it by Weds, and extra marks if it could be worn casual as well.

So there's your mission, should you choose to accept it smile TIA

littlelamb Thu 28-May-09 14:58:32

What kind of company is it? I wouldn't feel comfortable going to an interview so casually dressed, and I know of many 'old boy' interviewers who would think of it as not making a proper effort. It does sound lovely though. I have seen nice grey blazers (and I would go grey rather than white) in New Look and Zara, not too expensive. Gap is probably a good bet too.

cornsilk Thu 28-May-09 15:00:35

Tesco have some in.

frazzledgirl Thu 28-May-09 15:01:18

New Look in town, so will go and have a recce. Thanks for the tip!

I do have some 7/8 length straight trousers and a little grey and white stripy shirt, do you think that would be better?

Anything but a suit, basically, I end up feeling like a child playing dress-up, which obv no good for confidence!

frazzledgirl Thu 28-May-09 15:01:47

Tesco? Really? Are they nice? How much, did you notice?

howtotellmum Thu 28-May-09 15:03:22

What kind of job?

I think that a white, print dress of any kind is no-no for an interview.

Have you any black trousers or a knee length skirt? Or dark grey/navy? These worn with a white shirt always look smart.

For interviews it is better to err on the side of formal- which means dark colours, tights, proper shoes and not sandals.

cornsilk Thu 28-May-09 15:04:44

The Tesco ones are okay - white with a black/blue edging. Florence and Fred about £30 I think.

frazzledgirl Thu 28-May-09 15:06:33

Is a comms role, for a government department. Dress code once you're there is normally pretty relaxed.

Suppose you're right though, best play safe. Sigh.

Are 7/8 length, slim trousers a goer? Those are really flattering.

littlelamb Thu 28-May-09 15:08:05

I agree it may be too informal unless it is for an artistic type job. You can get a decent suit in M and S for about 50 quid. Just a plain black jacket and trousers. Add heels and a nice print top or blouse underneath. No need to dress that way every day if you do get the job, but better to dress formally imo. I have a suit that I have only worn for interviews, I work in a solicitors so a very formal setting, and it would be odd for me to wear a suit everyday. It's all about making the right first impression.

squeaver Thu 28-May-09 15:09:12

I'd try Zara for a jacket. But not white if yoo have to travel to the interview on public transport - you know it'll go horribly wrong.

I actually think the dress sounds ok for an interview and LOVE the sound of your Mary janes.

notyummy Thu 28-May-09 15:09:35

I was interviewed for a government post last year (that I got - hurray!) and the dress code at work is pretty casual unless you are attending a meeting with outside stakeholders. At the interview (and the selection centre prior to it) everyone was in a suit of some sort.

If you know that the interviewers will be more casually dressed, then go for it....but just thought I would throw the information in as a caveat.

littlelamb Thu 28-May-09 15:09:47

7/8 trousers are known as 'ankle-bashers' chez the lamb, and generally look as if you had to buy the 'short' version when really you are a 'long' girl wink
I'm sur ethey are very nice, but you should save them til you're already employed.

frazzledgirl Thu 28-May-09 15:15:40

squeaver, great point re public transport. Can't believe I didn't think of that!

littlelamb, I know what you mean, but these really do look like they're meant to be that way.

Hmm, so now I've got lots of different viewpoints to consider. But honestly, I cannot wear a suit - I look awful in them, and I just feel like I disappear. Plus I did buy a suit for interviews, did three and didn't get any of them.

Lost the jacket, since then have worn skirt and jacket or skirt, shirt and boots - and have got both jobs I've gone for since. So is a superstitious thing, too.

dustbuster Thu 28-May-09 15:15:41

Agree with the others that you should err on the side of formality.

I work in a field where suits are almost never worn, but they are de rigeur for interviews. We have had people come more casually dressed, and it looked very odd.

Sorry, 'cos your dress sounds lovely.

notyummy Thu 28-May-09 15:19:05

If suits are a complete no no, then I would go for smart plainish skirt and jacket with businesslike shoes and accessories as a minimum.

howtotellmum Thu 28-May-09 17:17:22

what is wrong with suits?

Maybe you need one that fits well- have you been to next? They doplenty of cheap-ish suits and you could prob wear the trousers again even if not the jacket.

Clure Thu 28-May-09 17:39:24

What about this type of ensemble?
or this?
or even...

howtotellmum Thu 28-May-09 17:42:07

IMO the first 2 are too informal- anything with a low neckline or waterfall frill- no-no.

Sleeveless dress - not sure if that is formal enough unless it had a matching jacket, and green is a bit ...informal?

Clure Thu 28-May-09 18:59:37

I guess I've only ever gone for interviews as a primary school teacher where it's acceptable to be smart but without the need to be too formal!

Lilymaid Thu 28-May-09 19:05:56

If you are going to meet stakeholders/clients/suppliers etc you need one suit for such meetings and for interviews. What you wear in the office the rest of the time may well be different, but for those formal occasions you need appropriate formal wear.

frazzledgirl Thu 28-May-09 20:50:46

I dunno, I've worked in the field for years and never worn a suit - I have tops and t-shirts, or smart dark dresses usually.

frazzledgirl Sat 06-Jun-09 09:17:39

Update: I wore black trousers, a shirt, a pale grey blazer from New Look wtih a nice stripy lining which shows on the turned up cuffs, and grey heels.

And I didn't get the farking job. Which is a shame, because although I theoretically now have a good interview outfit, the jacket is now the Unlucky Blazer of Doooooom.

Sigh. Never mind, thank you for your help anyway. Maybe next time... sad

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