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Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum

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babysbreath Wed 27-May-09 20:19:29

I've bought the new Boots No. 7 P&P Serum and really like it, but I'm wondering if anyone can help me with how much I should be using.

I give the bottle five squirts - is this too much? So the bottle is only lasting a month!!

I should of asked a No. 7 beauty consultant but didn't think at the time.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


miche8 Wed 27-May-09 20:22:18

I used the original serum when it was in a bottle and only used one squirt, 5 sounds way too much. How does the intense one compare to the original one?

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 27-May-09 20:23:33

Perhaps 3 squirts should be enough, bb

Are you using a moisturiser/day cream over the top of it?

Tis fab stuff

KristinaM Wed 27-May-09 20:31:12

oh dear, i need three squirts on my face and another three on my neck

does this mean i am a dried up old hag?

and yes i use day/night cream after it

Paolosgirl Wed 27-May-09 20:33:58

Also love it - but I only use 2 squirts!

Voltaire Wed 27-May-09 20:35:15

I use five squirts, day and night.

<Worries she has enormous moon face>

snowmummy Wed 27-May-09 20:58:40

Is it really as good as they say?

hellywobs Wed 27-May-09 21:05:23

With the original I used 4 squirts for my face and neck.

howtotellmum Wed 27-May-09 21:06:33

I use about 4 squirts but that includes doing my neck which is my worst crinkly bit!
You need to use moisturiser on top as well.

ThePellyandMe Thu 28-May-09 02:41:28

I go for between 2 and 3 squirts. Lovely stuff, it makes my skin feel so soft. I'm not sure I actually look any better thoughhmm

babysbreath Thu 28-May-09 08:19:33

Wow, thank you for your replies to my 'squirt' question!!

I use 5 squirts as I don't think any less would cover the whole of my face and neck.

So, I do 5 squirts in the morning and put on Boots No. 7 Age Rewind for Day and then in the evening I again do 5 squirts of the serum and use the Age Rewind for Night.

I really like it as it makes my skin feel very velvety and soft.

I think that the new intense serum is for the 40 plus woman! So for the younger skin the original should be fine.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 28-May-09 08:22:20

I'm also a five squirter grin of the new intense.

I think it's amazing stuff, only been using it about a month and I think it's knocked five years off me.

Need to buy next bottle now. Hopefully they are still doing 3 for 2 as I got the day cream and the night cream with the intense last month.

ohdearwhatamess Thu 28-May-09 08:28:29

I use 3 squirts.

AllwaysDoingSomething Thu 28-May-09 09:03:49

I use 5 squirts of the original P&P for face and neck and pop a decleor moisturiser over the top. A bottle tends to last a month, I thought this was about.

babysbreath Wed 10-Jun-09 08:26:11

Thought I would let you know, I went into Boots the other day and asked the No. 7 sales assistant how many squirts I should be using and she said two to three!!!! So I now need to wean myself down from five. Well the bottle should last longer which in the long run will save me money!

howtotellmum Wed 10-Jun-09 08:34:33

I am still using about 4-5- my neck alone seems to need 3!

Maybe the assistant is just being tactful- i.e. if she said use more than that, everyone would think it was too expensive and not buy it again!

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