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ladies, i need help buying some (sort of) mucky underwear!

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yousaidit Tue 26-May-09 21:04:56

blush !

our wedding ann this week, ds 6m old and now i am no longer weepy crabby cow as hormonal, thought i'd treat dh with some foxy chops underwear.

i've got my rather nice suspenders, retro fifties style and seamed stockings!, but as dh found out my plan, he cheerfully said not to bother with a bra as his enthusiasm would mean it wasn't on too long! however, he does like the sheer sixties? sort of babydolls, you know, the negligee where it isn't fitted or has cups or wiring or any defined 'booby' bits, but just hangs down, i'd prefer, if poss, frills on t rather than that wierd fluffy trim.

and not ead expensive! agent provocateur is a rip off!

any help appreciated ladies (and any dadsnet folk that feel they must urgently investigate this topic!)

poshwellies Tue 26-May-09 21:23:02

this type of thing?

yousaidit Thu 11-Jun-09 11:08:10

yes! how did you find that on ebay and i didn't?

you dirty lady grin

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