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Waxing advice needed please

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FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:35:20

It has been many years since I had a professional wax done. Just checking out a salon I go for other stuff that is fab.

Options are -

Full leg and bikini - 1 hour - £26 (strip)
Bikini only - 1 hour - £28 (hot)
Full leg - 45mins - £22
3/4 leg - 45mins - £18 (strip)
1/2 leg - 30mins - £15

Does that sound reasonable and those of you that have had the choices - what would you go for?


FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:39:03

Miss impatient has booked it!

aGalChangedHerName Fri 22-May-09 14:43:14

Why does it take 1 hour to have a bikini wax?

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:44:11

I think it means something else, I think they are saying it is just the bikini bit is done with the hot wax.

MadreInglese Fri 22-May-09 14:45:36

Hmmm, I pay about £10 for bikini

(why will it take an hour?)

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:46:14

It doesn't

the bikini bit is the hot only

aGalChangedHerName Fri 22-May-09 14:49:31

Sorry i am obv being a bit thick? Is it a bikini wax along with something else for £28?

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 14:50:10


the bikini only bit means that is the bit that is hot, the legs are done with strips.

aGalChangedHerName Fri 22-May-09 14:52:23

Ah got you now lol. I paid 318 for a half leg and brazillian yesterday and it took half an hour.

Seems pricey to me.

southeastastra Fri 22-May-09 14:53:50

i did some myself (for the first time) yesterday, why did it bruise?

MadreInglese Fri 22-May-09 14:55:27

SEA did you pull the rest of the skin tight before you pulled the strip off?

southeastastra Fri 22-May-09 15:14:20

think so, is that what you're meant to do

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 15:39:28

Thinking I might cancel now.

Hurts too much when Dh waxes and nothing else seems to work.

aGalChangedHerName Fri 22-May-09 15:40:33

Don't cancel. It will be completely different having someone trained doing it as opposed to DH.

MadreInglese Fri 22-May-09 17:27:23

Yes, pulling the skin tight should reduce the pain and the chance of bruising, maybe you were a little rough or pulled at the wrong angle?

Have to say though, I wouldn't be brave enough to do my own bikini line, don't think I'm bendy enough to get it pulled in the right direction, IYSWIM

Don't cancel FBG, with a professional doing it you won't get anywhere near as much pain as with a DH attempting it (assuming your DH is not a beauty therapist grin)

(and if they put pressure on the area immediately afterwards - which they should - then the pain subsides instantly)

dizietsma Fri 22-May-09 17:31:21

*thread hijack*

I've never had a bikini wax, but am looking into it... erm, isn't it a bit weird having a beauty salon lady poking around your bits? It is the one place I'd like to have done professionally, but I'm rather afraid of it.

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 17:59:50

I felt it was a bit much ££ tbh but I have told DH and he hasn't batted an eyelid.

Just having full leg, didn't book for bikini as distracted. grin

MABS Fri 22-May-09 18:10:50

go for hot wax and have full leg and bikini, won't hurt. I have it done every 5 wks that way. Don't like strip, doesn't seem as accurate imo

FabulousBakerGirl Fri 22-May-09 18:14:42

Pants on or off for bikini?

Please say on. blush hmm

Only had it done once form my honeymoon and didn't last the two weeks.

verygreenlawn Fri 22-May-09 18:19:28

They will give you paper pants to wear (IME!) - you kind of show them how much you want off by hoiking the pants to the desired level!

DeathbyDora Fri 22-May-09 18:27:10

First time I ever waxed I had a brazilian blush and yes dizietsma it is slightly weird! But these people are professionals and it is their career choice so I assume they are ok with poking around down there! They usually give you paper pants to wear. Most of them make conversation to take your mind off it!

Funny, I actually found the opposite to MABS with regard to hot/strip waxing. I used to have hot waxing but once I got a good therapist who suggested strip waxing I never looked back, think it's probably all about the person doing it.

My friend once yelled "Ah! You fucking bitch!" before she could stop herself when her therapist pulled off the wax on a rather delicate spot! grin My friend was very apologetic but fortunately her therapist fell about laughing.

FabulousBakerGirl Tue 02-Jun-09 14:10:41

I went and was waxed today grin

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