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breast enlargement

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skyllberg Thu 14-May-09 12:28:28

Has any mothers in London had breast implants? Did they turn out nice and where did you go? Desperate for recommendations.
I have had a baby quite recently and after I stopped breast feeding my boobs have gone all saggy and going down south. They also feel "empty". It has really dampened my confidence and I hate my breasts they way they are now. I have decided for an enlargement (which I always wanted even before falling pregnant, when they were small,but then at least they were perky), so would be very grateful for advice and names of consultatants/surgeon.
NO talking me out of it answers pls. ;-)
Many thanks in advance.

PuzzleRocks Thu 14-May-09 13:01:24

When did you stop feeding. I think you are supposed to wait six months as your breast tissue does change in that time.

skyllberg Thu 14-May-09 14:51:38

I stopped breast feeding 5 months ago and by the time I get round to having it done, at months will have passed.

howtotellmum Thu 14-May-09 15:02:22

I know someone who had it done by a guy who was featured on channel 4s ten yrears younger- it wasn't Jan Stanek, it was an Asian dr- the channel 4 website might have the details.
she was very pleased but he wasn't cheap around £5K.

howtotellmum Thu 14-May-09 15:04:02

His name is Karidis- in north London I think.

Iklboo Thu 14-May-09 15:05:15

Reasearch it well. Check independent websites for referrals etc as I know of several ladies who have had absolute horror botched boob jobs (still way in the minority to good ones)
Chat to others who have had it done and see if you can get honest recommendations too instead of 'sales pitch' ones

howtotellmum Thu 14-May-09 15:06:44

St John's Wood.

electra Thu 14-May-09 15:25:30

I had mine done, but not in London. When I was researching it, people in London always recommended Alex Karidis.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Thu 14-May-09 17:48:39

Definitely wait a while. I had nothing left after bfing DS2 but after a year I could fill a C cup (having been a paltry A cup before kids).

skyllberg Fri 15-May-09 20:24:11

Thank you so much for all your advice. VERY appreciated! :-)

I am currently looking in to this clinic but have not yet made up my mind:
Am really excited! :-)

Have a fab weeknd everyone! ♥Mwah ♥

MamaRaeRae Sun 02-Aug-09 00:28:01

I understand your post was a couple of months ago but I had breast augmentation surgery that came out really well with the Harley Medical Group. My doctor was Mr Marcellino and he did a fantastic job. I had the surgery 4 years ago and am now pregnant so can't really give you any advice about how your body changes after birth and breast feeding but I definately agree with breast surgery. It made an amazing difference to me and gave me so much more confidence - it changed my life completely! It cost approx £4250 and I had it under the breast tissue but mot under the muscle. I didn't really have much pain at all and was sitting up and showing them off within 1 hour of coming out of surgery!! I hope all goes well with your sugery. Good luck and all the best!

lilacclaire Sun 02-Aug-09 00:45:20

I had a breast enlargement for exactly the same reasons as the op.
I waited around 20 months after I had my ds and nothing changed.
Expensive, but worth it, if its affecting your self esteem. This was about 3 years ago now.

Feelingforty Mon 03-Aug-09 00:20:56

I had one over 10 years ago, have bf both my DC for a total of 4 1/2 years & they are a very good shape.

Mine are under the muscle, which I think gives a better shape & feel. I understand it also better for self exams as you can feel the breast tissue rather than the implant.

I think the cost of mine was around £3500 but i was in agony for several days.

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