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I have found my dream wedding shoes BUT I don't know where they are for sale or if I can afford them............

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LoveMyGirls Wed 13-May-09 20:26:42

I need these shoes....

Please help, they are for my wedding day and I am totally smitten, they would look perfect with my dress but does anyone know where I can find some for sale and if much? I don't have much money so I may need a cheaper alternative........

Please, please help smile

SammyK Wed 13-May-09 20:31:22

Have you not heard of manolos before? smile shock They are tres expensive sorry chuck!

Not sure about alternatives, shoes are not my things but ure someone else will come along. . .

howtotellmum Wed 13-May-09 20:31:28

These are Maonlo B- see the label inside shoes?

try ebay- or have alook at LK Bennett for nice dressy shoes.

howtotellmum Wed 13-May-09 20:31:59


LoveMyGirls Wed 13-May-09 20:38:05

Yeah I did see the label and I've googled but still can't find them anywhere with a price on them sad

I do need some or ones just like it at any rate grin but i am not great at shopping and have no clue, I need all the help I can get so that's why I'm on here trying to find them, I'm secretly hoping one of you has brought a pair then decided you don't like them and want rid of them wink

browntrout Wed 13-May-09 20:42:38

where did you see them? do you know that they are the current season? If older you may have some luck of Ebay otherwise is going to be quite tricky. You could contact the manufacturer and ask them

LoveMyGirls Wed 13-May-09 20:46:25

I found them on google images.

I cant even find anything similar and my budget isn't going to strech to designer labels. Ohhhhhhhhh but I LOVE them! I don't even usually care about shoes!

SammyK Wed 13-May-09 20:46:29

these are not the same but similar (and reduced)

will look again

kormachameleon Wed 13-May-09 20:46:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SammyK Wed 13-May-09 20:50:19

also similar

browntrout Wed 13-May-09 20:50:21

here they are in white and for £496


you can get raspberry colour on US sites but havent seen the blue anywhere

browntrout Wed 13-May-09 20:52:47

sorry - they arent quite the same are they? just realised that! gives you an idea of the price though

LoveMyGirls Wed 13-May-09 20:53:12

ohhh this is not good.....

LoveMyGirls Wed 13-May-09 20:54:47

Do you like the shoes I like?

Amandoh Wed 13-May-09 20:56:11

Not blue but a similar style.

Greensneeze Wed 13-May-09 21:12:55

not blue but nice

Jackstini Wed 13-May-09 21:18:33

Much cheaper versions but can only see silver or a deeper blue - would this go with your dress?

luckywinner Wed 13-May-09 21:20:11

Do they need to be the same shade as the Manolos?

Jackstini Wed 13-May-09 21:20:50

Similar site

luckywinner Wed 13-May-09 21:22:44

Are these too green? I love them though and am desperately looking for an excuse to buy them!

luckywinner Wed 13-May-09 21:29:41

Or how about these?

smurfgirl Wed 13-May-09 21:34:30

Have some of these dyed blue?

MiddlePig Wed 13-May-09 21:38:17




TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 13-May-09 21:41:57

Those Manolos were the ones worn by Carrie in the SATC movie so they are two seasons old. They were also limited edition when they were put on sale last June and cost approx £420 (iirc).

Try ebay but I think you will pay more than the original price for them.

Good luck......they are beautiful

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 13-May-09 21:45:16

Doh! Nope. I was wrong. Carrie's shoes were closed toe. Just as beautiful though

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