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Smurfgirl Tue 03-May-05 16:45:03

Am going to a ball on May 14th. Have dress, jewellery etc sorted.

Now I need something for the shoulders. Years of school prom experience have taught me that shawls+alcohol = lost. So this year I want a nice capey thingy although not in manner of superhero, more cool sophisticated twenty something.

I basically want something like this but in black...

Dress is traditional A-line ballgown in a blue/black shiny fabric.

Any other arm hiding but unloseable thingy suggestions are welcome.


SaintGeorge Tue 03-May-05 16:47:09

Shame you dont want a shawl - I have a black and gold sparkly one you could borrow.

Smurfgirl Tue 03-May-05 16:48:09

I have just gone through so many...although if I can't find anything I may have to take you up on the offer!

elliedragon Tue 03-May-05 16:52:36

They had a furry type one in Monsoon a while ago, I dont know whether they still do them.

spykid Tue 03-May-05 16:56:22

Hope this works....
beady shawl

spykid Tue 03-May-05 16:56:53

any good?

Smurfgirl Tue 03-May-05 19:11:57

Yes, its beautiful, but the grey won't go with my dress

TinyGang Tue 03-May-05 19:25:45

This comes in black but doesn't show how it fastens.

spykid Thu 05-May-05 09:41:59

Found a lovely one!

nice one on ebay

spykid Thu 05-May-05 18:57:38

Bump for smurfgirl

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 05-May-05 18:59:01

Those last two are both gorgeous

Smurfgirl Fri 06-May-05 11:12:59

Oooh sorry, was distracted, they are beautiful! I am going back into town on Monday, so I hope I will find something, although I am debating ordering the kaledescope one anyway!

Smurfgirl Mon 09-May-05 16:43:46

Despite my better judgement I went into town today and bought a beautiful embriodered SHAWL from acceszorise.

This is the shawl and my dress if you are interested!


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