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Sun cream with self tan incorporated? Does is exist?

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cupcakes Mon 02-May-05 14:40:22

Is there such a thing? I'm sure I can't have imagined it up. I want a suncream which will gradually give me a hint of brown - I'm very fair and am not after a full on fake tan.
Can't find anything on Boots website but maybe I'm not using the right search words (I find their search engine pretty poor...)

Prettybird Mon 02-May-05 15:17:12

Try Clarins or Clinique.

sweetmonkey Mon 02-May-05 15:31:20

nivea do one and it smells lovely too!!!

cupcakes Mon 02-May-05 15:47:09

sweetmonkey - is the nivea this self tan one? Or is there one with an spf that I can use as a suncream too?

sweetmonkey Mon 02-May-05 15:51:46

actually ive just had a look at my one and its an after sun with self tan in it. sorry my mistake. comes in a blue tube but is def good to top up a tan

cupcakes Mon 02-May-05 15:54:15

prettybird - is this the Clinique one? I think a spray will be too fiddly.
I don't think what I want exists! Ideally a cream but with such a small amount of tan that it doesn't matter how evenly you get it on. Predominatly a suncream with spf.
I wish I could remember who I thought it was. Lancaster perhaps?

cupcakes Mon 02-May-05 15:54:56

Ah - that sounds like it could be good too. I'll look out for it!

sweetmonkey Mon 02-May-05 15:57:29

just had a look on the boots website but couldnt see it. i'll have a look out though and let you know if i find anything

Prettybird Mon 02-May-05 16:01:24

The Clarins one is reviewed here along with some others. Suspect it might be too much of a self tanner for your purposes.

Maybe the aftersun with a wee bit of self tanning stuff is the way to go for you!

sweetmonkey Mon 02-May-05 16:03:07

\link{\ nivea aftersun

not sure if this link will work as first time ive tried to do one

sweetmonkey Mon 02-May-05 16:03:55

nivea aftersun

Enid Mon 02-May-05 16:15:11

lancaster used to do a spf 8 with self tan - in fair.

it was brill (i have very fair skin) but they have stopped it now - now is spf 4 with a medium tan, nowhere near as good

noddyholder Mon 02-May-05 16:17:07

dermalogica do one factor 15 self tanner

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