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What is the best cheap shop for fashionable clothes??

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Eaney Sun 01-May-05 14:07:10

Where woulod you reccomend I shop for really good, really cheap fashionable clothes. As long as they survive the washing machine I'm happy.

colditz Sun 01-May-05 14:26:46

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but i like Peacocks, Select, and New Look!

juniperdewdrop Sun 01-May-05 14:29:29

Asda and tesco are ok.

breeze Sun 01-May-05 14:37:40

george at asda are really good, and prices really affordable as well.

colditz Sun 01-May-05 14:39:09

Oooo, yes, George at Asda are lovely.

Lonelymum Sun 01-May-05 14:48:27

I have bought the occasional thing from tesco and find them pretty good in terms of long lasting and not going out of shape after one wash. But I am not sure how fashionable they are as I don't follow fashions

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 15:02:25

Primark have brilliant things for unreal prices.
Have just bought some brown linen cargo type trousers and a beige rouched top all for £9! Bargain!

Select is quite cheap and also Bay Trading can be quite reasonable.

Norty Sun 01-May-05 15:18:45

H&M I reckon

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 15:25:47

OOhhh yeah H&M definatly.

I forgot about that one.

vickiyumyum Sun 01-May-05 15:37:55

would definatley recommend new look, and tescos, and asda, the clothesd are so cheap and they have fairly up to date clothing, which survives the washing machine!
i also like mkone and primark, which always have fasionable clothes (primark are being sued by monsoon for ripping off some of their designs), but imo they don't last as long as clothes from the other 3 shops.

Smurfgirl Sun 01-May-05 15:58:00


For basics I would go to DPs, Topshop, Miss Selfridge they are not super cheap but last much much longer.

Eaney Sun 01-May-05 17:34:10

Thanks guys. I have never heard of Select (must do a google). I have bought from Primark but the crowds are unbelievable (as are the prices) where I live. I will get there early next time.

I will have a look at the others you have mentioned.

ambrosia Wed 04-May-05 20:11:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Satine Wed 04-May-05 20:14:23

Another vote for H & M and Asda!

Triggerhappy Sat 14-May-05 21:55:30

whispers Mattalan can be a little alladins cave too!

karenanne Sat 14-May-05 22:13:03

another vote for primark here.nearest to me is hemel hempstead (about 25 miles)but its so worth it.ive just beenand bought clothes for my kids for theyre holidays(and some for me too)lol.none of the bits i bought were over a tenner and ive got some amazing bits.

best buys were :real suede bag for £8
linen trousers £6
linen tiered skirt £6
other votes for asda..esp for kids clothes.

bossykate Sat 14-May-05 22:42:28

my absolute favourite for cheaper clothes is new look - they get the top looks in so quickly, the accessories are spot on, they're so cheap it doesn't matter if they don't last...

my only sneaking doubt is - suspect their factories are not v. ethical - how otherwise could they produce the stuff so cheaply?

expatinscotland Sat 14-May-05 22:44:11

New Look

misdee Sat 14-May-05 22:45:25

ASDA as they do my size.

TwinSetAndPearls Sun 15-May-05 15:22:47

Since being a SAHM I have had to convert to cheap clothes and I would recomend New Look and Hennes. I think Hennes have the quickest turnover of lines so tey can keep up to date. tesco's is also good for designer inspired copies.

TwinSetAndPearls Sun 15-May-05 15:23:50

For the ultimtae in copies at cut price it would have to be Zara, not dirt cheap but much better quality and a bit more cutting edge!

flamesparrow Sun 15-May-05 15:26:07

Primark for me... just got a great gypsie skirt from there!

giraffeski Sun 15-May-05 15:28:56

Message withdrawn

kama Sun 15-May-05 15:30:29

Message withdrawn

Mum2Ela Sun 15-May-05 15:47:12

Tesco's stuff is always in the magazines, they do really good copies of very designer stuff (Chloe, Dior etc.).

Can't go wrong with Top Shop either for basics.

Oh, and TK Max. Bought my sister a lovely white gypsy skirt from there for £10 and a Lonsdale boy pants and vest set for £9.99. Got myself a DKNY white bra rrp £36 but it was £12.00 in there. You have to rummage a bit but its well worth it.

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