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I've just morphed from blonde to brunette!!

(14 Posts)
dropinthe Fri 29-Apr-05 22:56:18

LOVE changing the colour of my hair! Do it every few months as have fairly shortish bob so enjoy experimenting.Was platinum blonde-now reddish light brunette! Usually love being blonde but didnt suit me this time-tad schizo-suxy didnt like the unwanted attention!!

dropinthe Fri 29-Apr-05 23:11:04

Am I the only person who likes experimenting with hair colour or has this been done on an earlier thread?

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 29-Apr-05 23:15:37

I've just changed mine. Probably the same as you except my blonde colour had become really dull and my roots were shocking!

Goldfish Fri 29-Apr-05 23:30:01

I have had platinum blonde hair, all shades of brunette, highlights, lowlights you name it, but for the last year I have stayed the same colour. It is dark blonde ATM. I have got a bit boring in my old age, having the same colour for so long.

handlemecarefully Fri 29-Apr-05 23:30:08

I'm feeling dowdy since growing my highlights out. Back to a bit of blonde for me just as soon as I get around to booking the hairdressers

suedonim Sat 30-Apr-05 00:19:48

I'm dark brown/chestnut (was a redhead when young) but I hope to be purple by this time tomorrow.

Satine Sat 30-Apr-05 00:22:53

I've just chopped my long hair off (well, not actually myself, you understand!) and I'm looking forward to going a bit mad - I've always loved Jane Goldman's hair so I think I'm going to take the plunge. I just hope I don't look like Cyndi Lauper.

miam Sat 30-Apr-05 00:29:32

Sigh.... Have just discovered a white - not grey but WHITE - hair much to my disgust and horror. Will have to resort to colouring my hair. So, should it be mousy brown to blend in with my own lovely locks, or just go for it to blonde???

Goldfish Sat 30-Apr-05 13:23:12

Go for blonde miam, go on give it a go! The only thing is the dreaded roots, so you will have to be prepared to keep it up.

Hovegirl Sat 30-Apr-05 13:36:11

My dh has just shouted down from the bathroom because he has just spotted all the red splashes on the walls and carpet from my latest hair dying!

It looks like someone has been murdered in there!!

miam Sat 30-Apr-05 14:24:59

Ok goldfish. I'll give it a go - see how much fun blondes really have! I think I will just have highlights though as I have a feeling the roots regrowth won't be as noticible (at least I hope not).

aloha Sat 30-Apr-05 14:55:42

As I understand it, there are no such things as grey hairs. Only coloured or white. Hair looks grey as it is mix.

aloha Sat 30-Apr-05 14:56:10

And white is actually colourless!

artyjoe Sat 30-Apr-05 15:11:25

Sudonim...really think about purple! I had purple hair for a year and loved it and then morphed to a stunning red colour but now I've had to suffer 6 months of a gross brown colour while we are trying to strip the red out before i can go any other colour, have tried to get it blond 3 times since being red and it has gone pink every time and every six weeks I'm having to have a peroxide wash...having said this, I have long hair so maybe if you had short hair it wouldn't be something to worry about!

I'm off again on Thursday to try yet again to get rid of this horrid brown, it's a cross between ginger and brown, very very sad and could be done without after giving birth 14 weeks ago and feeling a bit on the plump (HA) side!

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