Uniqlo sizing?

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Neena28 Fri 01-May-09 10:58:48

Having read lots about uniqlo in the mags and seeing quite a few bits I like I am wondering about ordering some bits. Most of their sizes seem to be small, medium, large etc though with small being 8-10 and medium 12-14. So if I am a definate 10-12 what should I buy?!!!

Also any experince of the quality, cut etc. They seem cheap so I am presuming it is not fantastic?


EldonAve Fri 01-May-09 11:04:40

Have you checked your measurements against their size chart?

SoupDragon Fri 01-May-09 11:07:13

I've always found the quality to be pretty good, actually.

Neena28 Fri 01-May-09 11:08:38

Yes I kind of have! Haven't got a tape measure and know i have put on a little weight lately. I just never really trust what they put on the size chart to be honest. I know in some shops sizes can vary between styles and was also wondering if they were like that there. Iyswim? Was hoping someone could say oh a medium is like a next size 12 or actually like a next size 14 then i would have more idea.

Neena28 Fri 01-May-09 11:10:04

thanks soupdragon. Do you just buy your standard size as such?

ksld Fri 01-May-09 11:17:05

I am a size 10-12 usually - so for example in Next I would try on the size 12 and usually it fits, although sometimes I can get into a size 10. I always get a Medium size top in Uniqlo. They are not large sizes I don't think, but I have plenty of room in the Medium. Trousers are more difficult - I have a pair of size 10 jeans that fit perfectly from Uniqlo and 2 pairs of size 12 that also fit perfectly. Uniqlo quite often have free returns or other offers. If you can't get to a shop I would wait until they have an offer on and order 2 different sizes so you can try them both out....
Quality wise I think they are fabulous - my DH has a top from there that is 8 years old and still looks really good.

Neena28 Fri 01-May-09 11:27:17

That is perfect thanks ksld. I am miles from a shop so didn't want to be faffing round sending things that were ridiculously wrong back etc! Great tip too about free returns etc thanks

OrmIrian Fri 01-May-09 11:28:41

Good quality. Possibly slightly smaller sizing.

willali Fri 01-May-09 11:37:40

I agree re small sizing - I would go up a size esp for jumpers which are cut to fit IYKWIM

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