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Need to buy a summer jacket HELP

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nutcracker Wed 27-Apr-05 13:48:24

OK, i have a winter coat which at the mo I am still wearing in the morning, and then some zip up jacket thingies which i chuck on top of a t'shirt when it warms up.

Need something in between both really but can't see anything anywhere i like.

So any suggestions ???? Oh no denim though, cos I am a bit anal about it having to match the same jeans i am wearing and i have several pairs.

FLUM Wed 27-Apr-05 13:49:38

Nine West or Zara best bet

Lucycat Wed 27-Apr-05 13:50:35

Ooohh me too nutcracker - don't want to go with denim either as all I wear on my bottom half are jeans and def won't wear a denim 'suit'

Preferably something with a hood so won't get p*ss wet through going to school!!

help help help!!

TracyK Wed 27-Apr-05 13:51:22

La Redoute??

nutcracker Wed 27-Apr-05 13:51:22

Don't think i have either of those shops anywhere near me Flum.

Grommit Wed 27-Apr-05 13:52:21

I bought a nice one in M&S of all places! Sort of smart army/safari style in karki (sp?) green. Looks really nice with jeans and pink or white tshirt or with linen trousers/anything really! It is on their website but looks better in the flesh

nutcracker Wed 27-Apr-05 13:55:41

Ahhh will have a peek Grommit.

sweetmonkey Wed 27-Apr-05 13:57:05

i got a lovely one from freemans, it is joe brown make and is bright pink they also do a khaki one i thnk . only £38 so very reasonable too

nutcracker Wed 27-Apr-05 14:01:00

I can't find it on their website Grommit.

Is it me or are some of them very short this year too ???

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