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Thank you MNers, I have just cut my own hair and it looks

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JackBauer Thu 16-Apr-09 19:30:44

frigging awesome!

I used a method from this thread and then something similar to trim the back.
I did have same length below shoulder hair and now it is all layered and light and pretty.
And it took 10 minutes in the kitchen with a brush, hairband and some scissors!

frannikin Tue 28-Apr-09 21:19:52

7 inches! Brave lady....

sasamaxx Tue 28-Apr-09 21:25:31

Not brave - was 7 inches of straggly split ends grin

SlightlyMadSwineFlu Tue 28-Apr-09 21:41:43

When it was in the pony tail I took off at least 6". I didn't shorten the overall length though - my shortest layer is just 6" shorter than the rest of my hair.

I did try and upload a photo of my discarde hair - sadly MN server didn't like it.

gardeningmum05 Thu 30-Apr-09 18:06:31

may sound abit thick here but help blush
if i tie my hair in a high pony tail, gives me a tail about 6".
do i just go for it and cut 3" off? cant look any worse than now, and if all goes wrong i can keep it in a pony tail til it grows

CapricaSix Fri 01-May-09 10:01:58

I've tried to trawl through the thread to find similar questions but it's hard -

Both me & dd haven't had a haircut in months, it'd be a godsend to do it myself!

But couple of questions -
First, me - My hair is curly & frizzy (usually mousse it to give it nice little curls), I would hate to have a fringe as I think it would frizz/curl out and look a mess. If I do this hair cut but not too short would it look ok? I'd like a sort of layered look but not an actual fringe...

Second, dd - she's only 5, with an actual fringe on her forehead, the rest just standard straight. She has a natural side parting though .Would it work for her hair? In one way I can't wait to try it on her hair, she has lovely straight and fairly thick hair. If I do, what side would I pull the ponytail to - the side the parting is on (ie the line)?

JackBauerkillspigs Fri 01-May-09 14:18:07

gardening mum, if you take 3 inches off that means that your shortest layer will be 3 inches shorter, this will be the fringey bit around your face.
If youa re nervous cut off a couple of inches. It is easy enogh to put it back in a ponytail and do more!

Caprica, how long is your hair? I think you will need to use the 'wetting' method, basically choose how short your want your fringey bit to be and wet a chunk of fringe to that length. Then do a ponytail and cut about half an inch shorter than the wet bit (so you have half an inch of wet left IYSWIM) then do the cutting in which should take it to the level you want.

Not sure about your DD, I have a side parting which is why the pony is on the side so I woudl say yes.
HTH and Well done to everyone else who has done it! Will get list redone later!

SlightlyMadSwineFlu Fri 01-May-09 15:56:31

Personally when I do it again I will be putting the ponytail in teh centre - irrespective of my parting - but then I cut it long enough not to have a fringe. Doing it on the side I think gave lopsodded long lengths too.

SlightlyMadSwineFlu Sun 03-May-09 09:39:42

and we thought we were clever learning how to cut hair on YouTube!

JackBauerKillsPigs Sun 03-May-09 14:11:11

Do you know I saw that and thought You tube has a lot to answer for!

SlightlyMadSwineFlu Sun 03-May-09 15:33:29

Yayyyyy DP now knows!

My Step father noticed, said it looked good and asked how much it cost grin

wotulookinat Sun 03-May-09 15:46:33

I desperately need a hair cut - hasn't been done for 14 months. I don't know if I am brave enough to do it.
Shall I? Ooooooh I don't know.

JackBauerKillsPigs Sun 03-May-09 20:24:52

Do it, do it, do it!

yay for useless DH SMS! and good for your stepfather toogrin

SlightlyMadSwineFlu Sun 03-May-09 23:15:42

Big test is tomorrow. Stylish SIL is visiting.

JackBauerKillsPigs Mon 04-May-09 08:49:42

Hope you have teh straighteners outgrin

I actually bought a really cheap pair from asda for a fiver (have never had straighterners before) and the difference! My hair actually looks finished!

SlightlyMadSwineFlu Mon 04-May-09 10:46:31

Of course! It is of course chucking it down with rain though so my nice sleak haircut is going to be a ball of frizz by tea time (we are going to cinema for DTDs party this afternoon).

I have been backwwards and forwards to the garage with my big winter coat and hood all morning.

I bought a cheap set of straighteners to start with and thought they were great then upgraded to a Babyliss Pro230 which rival GHDs and are available on Amazon for about £30 if you get on with them and want to upgrade without spending a fortune. Only downside is that the power button is easy to hit in use so I use them upside down and that solves the problem! But you will notice the difference again.

DownyEmerald Mon 04-May-09 16:22:26

Me again, eventually I did it six times, and think I probably need another go to get it feathery (not a natural born hairdresser!), but in the end chopped off the long bits to where I vaguely wanted and then did again which was much better.

Anyway, main news is that when I washed it and let it dry naturally - it's wavy! I never knew I had wavy hair! Presumably because so much weight been taken off.

Monkeyandbooba Mon 11-May-09 20:04:59

I've just done this cut and DH came home and asked when I went to the hairdressers grin Looks surprisingly nice, will upload a pic when i get a chance.

Peckarolloveragain Sun 31-May-09 09:32:34

I was discussing this thread a while ago after I read it, obviously stuck in my daughters head as on Thursday night when I came in from a night out I discovered she has done this to herself!!! When I proclaimed my suprise that she thought it ok to cut her own hair she said but you said it looked like a fab way to cut hair and works everytime!!!

She is only 9!!!

She has actually done a pretty good job LOL

PM73 Fri 24-Jul-09 12:21:58

I have just come across this thread & cut my hair & it looks fab-a-rooney!! Thanks cos i have saved myself about £30 too.

TheChilliMooseISNOTFOREATING Sun 02-Aug-09 10:36:25

I did it a couple of weeks ago. It looks good. I cut off about 6 inches smile

alwayslookingforanswers Wed 09-Dec-09 11:28:33

right sorry to bump an old thread - but I have questions.

The 2 pony tail thing - was that one at the front with as much as you could get in

And then the one nearer the back also with all the hair. Or did you have make a smaller ponytail nearer the back (with less hair).

I can't quite get all the long bits at the back in - a few bits fall out.....

I want to cut my

I need to to do it today so that if I f*ck it up I still have 2 days to go and get it sorted out grin

alwayslookingforanswers Wed 09-Dec-09 14:05:54

hmm - well I've done it.

DH hasn't noticed (he's usually ultra observant) - and at the moment when I look in the mirror is rather old fashion fringe hmm.

Back and sides is shorter, but not much different from before...(a mess grin) - and it's been over a year since I last had my hair cut.

Will see if anyone notices/says anything this afternoon - but it may be off to the hairdressers with me tomorrow - blaming a "friend" grin

MarieLloyd Fri 10-Feb-12 18:21:23

Oh Ladies, please! Stop this madness! You end up with exactly what you are bound to end up with - a dodgy home haircut. Not a good look.

HurricaneBawbag Fri 10-Feb-12 18:23:29

It was 3 years ago ML, i'm guessing they've stopped...

Misscatterpuss Fri 10-Feb-12 18:50:05

It's alive and kicking again in Chat smile

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