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is it just me or does anyone else think fascinators are ridiculous?

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waitingforgodot Sun 12-Apr-09 16:52:53

I have been looking online at various fascinators and just think they look stupid. I have always worn hats to weddings in the past however I have quite a striking dress for this years weddings which calls for something a bit more understated.
I can't do the fascinator thing ladies. It's just not me.Maybe I could just wear a flower? What do you think? Real flower or fabric?
Sorry. Am rambling now.....

MuffinBaker Sun 12-Apr-09 16:54:12

I think the name is stupid.

waitingforgodot Sun 12-Apr-09 16:55:10


LadyOfScoffleTheEasterEggs Sun 12-Apr-09 16:55:18

oh no, can you not find a simple elegant hat?

AbricotsSecs Sun 12-Apr-09 16:55:21

Message withdrawn

waitingforgodot Sun 12-Apr-09 16:58:30

maybe I should just wear a hat.
Its more me

MrsMcCluskey Sun 12-Apr-09 16:58:52

I think they are nice, a bit of frivolity!

HeadFairy Sun 12-Apr-09 17:00:52

I think now that M&S makes them they shouldn't be seen on women under 50.

smurfgirl Sun 12-Apr-09 17:26:48

I love them, esp the ones on a hairband. I really don't like hats though!!

I wore a massive flower in my hair for two weddings I went to last year and got lots of compliments. It was from dotty ps.

big flower

frazzledgirl Sun 12-Apr-09 18:34:41

I dunno, I've got a narrow black hairband with a net bow and a couple of feathers on it - not OTT and v useful as my hair's a bob and I can't really do anything with it other than straighten it as usual. Only thing I can do to get 'party' hair!

And it was only £2.

I do hate the name though.

tigerdroveoverthebunnies Sun 12-Apr-09 18:37:30

I think they're fascinating.

But real flowers look fab, just get ones that don't droop.

I wore a halo of pink carnations to a ball once.

waitingforgodot Sun 12-Apr-09 18:42:30

Can't get your link to work smurfgirl.

Pawslikepaddington Sun 12-Apr-09 19:07:40

I heart fascinators. But they fall out. But I heart them all the same.

tigerdroveoverthebunnies Sun 12-Apr-09 19:10:13

Where do you wear your fascinator, then, Paws?

Pawslikepaddington Sun 12-Apr-09 19:16:15

Balls dah-ling! Or when playing dressing up with dd grin

tigerdroveoverthebunnies Sun 12-Apr-09 19:17:54


I am a frequenter of balls of course.

I meant where on your body!

Spidermama Sun 12-Apr-09 19:19:18

I've got no idea what a fascinator is.

Pawslikepaddington Sun 12-Apr-09 19:24:22

Just above zee right ear. Mine haare ist usually in a bun though.

YanknbeforetheCockcrows Sun 12-Apr-09 19:27:25

I'd never seen a fascinator until I moved to this country, and didn't know what they were called until about a year ago. If pressed, I'd have called them 'those little ridiculous fru-fru thingies'.

Pawslikepaddington Sun 12-Apr-09 19:32:46

God I love my ridiculous fru fru thingies!

onepieceofcremeegg Sun 12-Apr-09 19:42:21

Is a fascinator a kind of really posh Alice band with floral decorations etc attached. A sort of hat alternative for weddings etc. (a bit like deely boppers (sp?) for adult women?) wink

Pawslikepaddington Sun 12-Apr-09 19:44:44

Aaah no, it can also be a clip-I always get the clips ones (which are VVVVV top heavy). Think Ascot.

Mooseheart Sun 12-Apr-09 19:45:08

Oh I hate them.

I wore one to Ascot once and threw it off in disgust before I even got there. Sold it on Ebay. Arrrgh.

BikeRunSki Mon 13-Apr-09 09:36:25

I got married in one. My hair is so thick and curly that any tiara just disappeared. It was tall and elegant and I looked fab! It was feathers on a hairslide. I wouldn't wear one in any other circumstances though.

Clure Mon 13-Apr-09 09:42:36

Hair corsages?

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